Stephen Moore

When Fake Science Meets Real Life

Climate politics never subside. How does fake science fare in real life?  What happens when countries shift to using only Wind and Solar Energy? When will we finally move away from a money-laundering, Ponzi-scheme model of governance? Wall Street Journal Columnist; Senior Economist for CNN & former Donald Trump adviser, Stephen Moore joins Dan and Shaun Thompson to discuss. 


Moore: I Think They'll Pass [Obamacare Replace]

Congressional Republicans will ultimately be judged on whether they can reduce Healthcare premiums. How do Congressional Republicans proceed if Obamacare Replace doesn't pass? Is there an alternate plan and how do you get the votes for it? Why does the individual mandate need to go? When can we expect to see some action on Tax Reform? CNN Senior Economist Stephen Moore joins Dan and John Kass to discuss.


Re-Thinking "Fairness" With Stephen Moore

Illinois is in a financial crisis similar to that of Puerto Rico. Yet, 70%  of Chicago City Workers take home over $100K annually in salary and benefits. When and how is it going to end? Why would Republican Congressmen ever vote to bailout Illinois? On tax-policy, where does Trump's tax reform plan stand in the House?  Wall Street Journal Columnist and CNN contributor Stephen Moore joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Dan Proft & Stephen Moore

Dan Proft sits down with The Sultan of Supply-Side Economics, Heritage Foundation Distinguished Fellow Stephen Moore. Can the GOP extricate itself from rent-seeking corporate interests? What should a GOP POTUS with a GOP-controlled Congress accomplish by 2020? What are the policy choices that make rich states rich and poor states poor? Proft and Moore discuss these and other questions. You can catch Moore with Proft every Wednesday morning at 7:35am on Chicago's Morning Answer, AM 560 (560TheAnswer.com).

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