Suburban Democrats

Dan Proft Talking “Blue Tornado” On Beyond The Beltway

Should the 2018 midterms be more appropriately dubbed a “blue tornado,” touching down some places, but not a wave across the country? Should either party pander to suburban women as a special class? Why is the DC press corps eulogizing the Republican Party even though the GOP still holds the majority in the country? Dan Proft joins Bruce DuMont as a panelist on Beyond The Beltway.

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Suburban Moms

What to do about suburban moms?

The GOP lost suburban women by 19 points in the midterms.

It was well-to-do suburban moms who gave Democrats the House.

Should Republicans shame them as the Left does?

Should Republicans pander to them with the “Hi, my name is Dan. I’m a Republican and I apologize,” approach they’ve been using.

How about eliminating their unique designation.

Political messaging needs to be a succinct with a point.

Here’s mine for suburban moms: other than the special role you have in raising your children, you are not special.

You’re supposed to be a civilizing influence.

Instead you’ve thrown in with the mob pounding on Tucker Carlson’s front door while his wife was locked in her kitchen pantry waiting for police to arrive.

I’m not impressed with your B.A. in Ancient Civilizations from Vassar.

You don’t care about good schools or public safety any more than I do.

You’re not doing any more of Corporal Works of Mercy than I am.

Adhering to Economics 101 axioms doesn’t make me a misogynist.

And I’m not responsible for the man you chose to marry.

Here’s my value proposition for you and every other man and woman, whatever their race, religion, age, education and household income: separate bathrooms and equal protection under the law.

Take it or leave it.


Madigan’s Extremist Tactics

If Madigan’s character assassinations of suburban Republicans are so ridiculous then why do they keep running it? Why are these races so important to Madigan? Is a vote for a Democrat a vote for more taxes and an expansion of Madigan’s power? State Rep. Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) joins Dan and Amy to set the record straight.

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Madigan Financed Character Assassinations

Are Democrats in the suburbs voting for locally licensed Madigan roll call votes? How does Peter Breen fight off outrageous political attacks calling him “pro pedophile” and against funding rape kits? Why aren’t Illinois voters more skeptical? How will he reverse the exodus of people out of Illinois that Democrats deny is even happening? State Rep. and House Republican Floor Leader, Peter Breen joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Congressman Randy Hultgren Vs. Liberal Lauren Underwood

Is this the first time Hultgren has faced this kind of challenge in a solidly Republican area? Did his opponent move to Illinois just to become a politician? What is his response to her attacks about healthcare? Are all of her millions in campaign donations coming from Hollywood? Will there be total dysfunction if the Democrats take over the House? Congressman Randy Hultgren from the 14th District joins Dan and Amy to discuss his closing arguments against his opponent.

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The Case Against Madigan Financed Suburban Democrats

Has the volume of mail financed by Madigan surpassed any other elections in the state's history? Is money going to be the difference maker in suburban races? Do Democrat and Independent voters still want to get rid of Madigan? What’s the number one concern from voters? Are voters connecting the dots that Trump has nothing to do with the policy proposals in Springfield? State Rep. Tom Morrison from Palatine joins Dan and Amy with his closing arguments for your vote.

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City Of Elgin Vs. Compassion For The Homeless

Greg Schiller generously offered his basement up as a shelter for the homeless during this blistery cold weather. As soon as the City of Elgin got word of this makeshift shelter, they shut it down due to violations of the city’s ordinances. Why is the city more concerned with hypotheticals than Schiller’s definite knowledge of these people potentially freezing? Managing Director at Light In The Darkness Ministry, Greg Schiller joins Dan and Amy to discuss his fight with local officials and how he plans to respond.

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Suburban Democrats Sell Out To Chicago Machine

If you live in the suburbs of Chicago, you are already paying the highest property taxes in the nation. And yet, State Representatives like Deb Conroy, Carol Sente, Mike Halpin, Marty Moylan, Natalie Manley and Stephanie Kifowit voted to send your schools’ state funding to bailout schools in Chicago. State Senators like Melinda Bush, Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant, Laura Murphy, Tom Cullerton, Linda Holmes and Julie Morrison opted to defend Chicago’s Political Machine instead of your community.  In their view, it is a greater threat to their power to cross their party leaders than to cross you.  Pat Hughes explains in this edition of Two Minute Warning.

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