Tom Morrison

The Case Against Madigan Financed Suburban Democrats

Has the volume of mail financed by Madigan surpassed any other elections in the state's history? Is money going to be the difference maker in suburban races? Do Democrat and Independent voters still want to get rid of Madigan? What’s the number one concern from voters? Are voters connecting the dots that Trump has nothing to do with the policy proposals in Springfield? State Rep. Tom Morrison from Palatine joins Dan and Amy with his closing arguments for your vote.

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Conservative Reformers Fight To End Culture Of Abuse

What will it take for Democrats to turn their backs on Madigan? Will Illinois voters hold their representatives accountable come November? State Rep. Tom Morrison joins Dan and Amy to discuss the press conference held by current conservative reform legislators and candidates calling for an end of the abusive culture in Springfield and calling for their Democrat colleagues to do the same and demand Madigan’s resignation.

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Worst Republican Governor in America's Budget Address

Rauner said he's going to repeal the tax increase he presided over, yet he budgets for the revenue from it? Isn’t shifting pension costs to local school districts going to raise the highest property taxes in the nation even more? “Rauner, for the last three years, has played directly into Mike Madigan’s hands,” said State Rep. Tom Morrison (R-Palatine). Rep. Morrison joins Dan and Amy to discuss Rauner’s budget address and why he is supporting Jeanne Ives for governor.

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Rauner's Betrayal

Gov. Bruce Rauner signed into law a controversial bill that expands taxpayer funding for abortion in Illinois. How will his Conservative base react? In an interview taped shortly before Governor Rauner made his decision, State Rep. Tom Morrison (R-Palatine) tells Dan Proft and Pat Hughes why he and others may no longer support Governor Rauner. Also on this edition of Illinois Rising, Proft and Hughes discuss a landmark Supreme Court case that could end the forced payment of union dues throughout the country. They also discuss the large pension payments departing lawmakers are about to receive.