Fascism And The Left

Jim Carrey is encouraging Democrats to fully embrace Socialism heading into the 2018 Midterms. Do Democrats understand where fully embracing Socialism leads? We asked Trump Tower Protestors to Follow The Logic.


Is The Left Over-Watergating Their Hand?

Did Trump's fixer neuter his Presidency? Why are conservatives boxed in with the choice of  the Left, who associate conservatives with the likes of Hitler, or supporting a man with a sleazy background that everyone has known about all along? Hollywood screenwriter, Andrew Klavan joins Dan and Shaun Thompson to discuss all of the legal and political angles and implications of the recent Cohen charges.

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Is Kavanaugh Too Much of A D.C. Swamp Creature?

What qualifications did President Trump consider important for his next Supreme Court nominee? What about the rumors regarding a backdoor deal between President Trump and Justice Kennedy? How likely is it that Judge Kavanaugh will be confirmed? According to the left’s standards, should Justice Kagan resign because she hired him at Harvard? Resident Scholar for AEI, Gary Schmitt joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Tough Road Ahead For Kavanaugh

Is Trump’s SCOTUS pick, Brett Kavanaugh, the full package? Does he have a stiff back bone and the political savvy to make it through the confirmation hearings? Can we trust he will serve closer to the likes of Alito and Scalia or lean closer to Kennedy and Roberts? Vice President at the Heritage Foundation, John Malcolm joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Time For Political Theater

Trump nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh for SCOTUS who possesses the rare combination of principled originalist philosophy, intellectual heft, and political savvy. Did Kavanaugh’s extensive professional record give him the edge? Was the unhinged left’s reaction exactly what was expected? Georgetown law professor, Randy Barnett joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Who Will Be The Next Supreme Court Justice?

Trump says he's sticking to the list and McConnell is sticking to the nuclear option and a fall vote. Are the never Trumpers biting their tongues after Trump will have the opportunity to nominate another Supreme Court Justice? Georgetown law professor, Randy Barnett joins Dan and Amy to discuss Justice Kennedy’s retirement.

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The Cowardice Of The Leftist Mob

Is the media using the same playbook they did with Bush on Katrina, except this time Trump is fighting back? How is the country’s broken immigration policy the fault of heartless Republicans and evil Trump? Where’s the Starbucks sensitivity training for Red Hen employees? Hollywood screenwriter, Andrew Klavan joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Justice Not Served

Will rampant bias in the DOJ be the end of the Mueller investigation? Will the DOJ's scrutiny of President Trump exercising his executive power spell trouble for Deputy AG Rosenstein? How will their recent actions affect the future of the department? Dan and Amy discuss, with attorney and National Review contributor, Andrew McCarthy.

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Trump's EO Drama

Are Democrats and Republicans interested in a compromise on immigration before the November elections? Is hardline enforcement at the border popular among the majority of Americans? Is all the hysteria from the media about Trump desensitizing the public and ultimately working in Trump’s favor? Senior Editor at Hotair.com, Ed Morrissey joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Incentivizing Illegal Immigration

Do you agree with Hillary (2014 version) and the Obama administration that it's okay to separate children from their parents at the border and/or return them to their home country? Are the laws on the books completely left out of the media coverage? Does the left’s message of America as the source of all evil contradict their open borders policy? Contributing Editor for City Journal, Heather MacDonald joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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The Left’s Emotional Manipulation

Is Trump’s overly simplistic video shown to Kim Jong Un going to be effective? Are the problems with families at the border a showing of how ineffective government has been on immigration laws?  Is the Trump administration overplaying its hand with it's "zero tolerance" policy on immigration pending reforms? Trump Whisperer and Dilbert cartoon creator, Scott Adams joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Don’t Drain The Baby With The Bathwater



Intimidated by Hillary’s lawyers.

Improper gifts.

Lack of impartiality.

The IG’s report makes Democrats’ dreams of a Trump impeachment inconceivable.

So complete is the Trump vindication that the Left has regressed back to trying to figure out whether or not they’re supposed to like Jim Comey.

Trump should press his advantage here by consummating his anti-ruling-class value proposition.

The public doesn’t want the FBI and DOJ to go away. They just don’t want the senior leadership of those agencies to be conniving political operatives who believe themselves to be above the law.

Both are headed by Trump appointees now. The President should make a very public play to take a very active role in working with Christopher Wray and Jeff Sessions—or replacing if need be—to make the personnel and policy changes necessary for culture change and credibility restoration.

Much of the positive disruption President Trump has brought to the Beltway has been through simply doing what he said he would do as candidate Trump. It confounds the men and women of always.

Trump ran as a law and order candidate. The FBI and DOJ are instrumental institutions to the rule of law and public order in America.

Trump would bedevil his critics once again if chose this moment to be an institutional rebuilder.


Is The GOP Officially The Party Of Trump?

With the defeat of Trump critic and GOP Congressman from South Carolina, Mark Sanford, the victory of Corey Stewart for the GOP Senate nominee in Virginia, and the problems Mitt Romney is having in Utah, is the GOP officially the Party of Trump? Does the party no longer stand for ideas, but for Trump alone? Does Trump make current GOP legislators’ jobs harder? Senior Political Columnist for Washington Examiner, Tim Carney joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Mueller Shadow Casted Over Trump Administration

Can Trump pardon himself? Is Giuliani muddying the waters suggesting Trump is above the law while shunning the likes of Comey and other FBI officials? Why is Clapper and members of the mainstream media still spreading the false narrative that Trump’s election win could be illegitimate? NY Post's, Michael Goodwin joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Will Trump Free Blago?

The Blagojevich’s are “cautiously optimistic” about the possibility of Trump commuting the former governor’s sentence. Do Blago and Trump’s cases matter concerning our civil liberties being at stake? Rob Blagojevich joins Dan and Amy to discuss life since the trial and reaction from President Trump’s comments about his brother Rod’s sentence.

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Trump Helps Terminally Ill Patients

"We are finally giving these wonderful Americans the Right To Try." Despite the constant media circus surrounding the White House, the Trump administration is able to make major accomplishments, especially with the signing of Right To Try legislation yesterday. Do the intel agencies still deserve the benefit of the doubt amid spygate? Why have our presidents become omnipresent in our lives? Editor-at-large of National Review, Kathryn Jean Lopez joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Illegitimate Or Rigged?

Is Rudy Giuliani right about Mueller's investigation being no longer legitimate? Is the media in denial of a spy being placed in the Trump campaign? Does Mueller have enough reason to interview Trump? Former Chief Asst. U.S. Attorney and Contributing Editor at National Review, Andrew McCarthy joins Dan and Amy with reaction to “Spygate” and the ongoing Mueller investigation.

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Is The NFL Kneeling Ban A Win For Conservatives?

Is Trump to blame for exacerbating the kneeling controversy in the NFL or did he merely expose people for who they really are? Is it good for the country to force people to take sides and for lines to be drawn in the culture war? Columnist at National Review, David French joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Trump Should Be Happy About Spies In His Campaign

Since the intelligence community acted heroically to protect both Trump and our representative republic from Russian incursion, should POTUS confer Presidential Medals of Freedom to Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Rice, Power, Lynch and Obama? Or pardons? Should we believe anything Clapper says? Famed FBI Profiler, James Fitzgerald joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Is The Trump Coalition Strong Enough To Endure The Midterms?

Will the different factions of the Trump coalition be able to hold Congress together come November? Are Congressional Republicans distancing themselves from Trump’s base and the more conservative base with their uncontrolled spending? Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Peter Berkowitz joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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