Trump 2020

The Race of a Lifetime

Is it odd that during the elections for the 2016 Republican Primary Fox News fully backed Donald Trump and not a more traditional conservative like Ted Cruz? Will Trump have the same or more support from Republicans in 2020 that he had in 2016? Tim Alberta discusses his new book, “American Carnage” with Dan and Amy.

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Pelosi Vs. The Squad

Is Trump successfully raising the profile of the unfavorable Democratic Congresswoman paving his way to victory in 2020? Are the members of the “Squad” making Pelosi look moderate? Is Joe Biden apologizing his way to the nomination? Co-Chair of the RATE Coalition, Jim Pinkerton joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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“Never Trump” Republicans

Why are some Republicans who say they disagree with everything on the left still unable to support President? Are there not enough tax cuts or judicial appointments in the world to get them to support Trump? How can a Republican square their values with the policies from someone like Joe Biden and crossover and vote him President? Publisher at the Bulwark and “Never Trumper,” Sarah Longwell joins Dan and Amy to discuss. 

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Democratic Cooperation

Are Democratic Presidential candidates running solely on the problems of this country, rather than the solutions? Is there a disconnect between what Trump wants to do with the country and what the country thinks he wants? Weekend editor at Hotair.com, Jazz Shaw joins Dand Amy to discuss.

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Slowing But Growing

Is there no other choice but to continue on the path we’re on now to keep the economy growing? Where does all the free stuff end? Should workers’ representation be reinstated in boardrooms? Fox Business contributor, Scott “The Cow Guy” Shellady joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Turnover In The White House

Should Kelly Anne Conway be fired? Who’s on the shortlist to replace Sarah Huckabee-Sanders? How does someone find America in a back roads’ gas station? Is the spirit of the country still alive and well despite the gloom and doom from the media? Washington Examiner reporter, Salena Zito joins Dan and John Kass to discuss.

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Tariffs Could Affect Trump Re-Election

Should Trump heed the warning from footwear companies to stop with the tariffs that could bring down the whole economy? When is it time to stand up to Beijing if not now? Do mining restrictions in the U.S. make us dependent on Russia and China? Economic adviser to President Trump, Steve Moore joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Building The Blue Wall In The Midwest

Is the only wall the Democrats want to build is around their old Midwest constituencies? Is Trump gaining more popularity in the Midwest than he had back in 2016? Are the farmers going to turn on Trump after more tariffs with China? Who is going to emerge for the Democrats in the primary? Senior contributor for American Greatness, Julie Kelly joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Red Wave Rising?

Is Joe Biden still the greatest threat to Trump’s reelection? Is Pete Buttigieg checking off all the boxes to be the next media darling? Will issues like immigration lead to a red wave in 2020? Weekend editor at Hotair.com, Jazz Shaw joins Dan and John Kass to discuss.

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Who Led Us Down This Rabbit Hole?

Has the media’s Russian collusion narrative increased the tensions between the U.S. and Russia? Will House Democrats lose their majority if they overstep on impeachment? Should there be an investigation into the alleged systematic attempt to undermine the Trump campaign and his presidency? Professor Emeritus of political science at the University of Chicago, Dr. Charles Lipson joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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On The Ground At CPAC

What have been the highlights at CPAC so far? What has been the reaction amongst attendees to Michael Cohen’s testimony and Trump walking away from North Korea? Is there a lot of enthusiasm for 2020? Senior Contributor for American Greatness, Julie Kelly joins Dan and Amy from CPAC.

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Take The Deal

As soon as President Trump deleveraged by ending the partial government shutdown, obtaining only a fraction of the money and miles of border barriers he wanted was inevitable.

Rather than quarreling about whether this is a win now, Trump should use it as the stepping stone on the path to victory in 2020.

Trump will have pictures of new infrastructure along the border, the support of border patrol and stats demonstrating a decline in illegal crossings.

That will be more than enough evidence to wipe away the specific numbers on miles and dollars from the concerns of most voters, particularly his base.

He should take the deal and build on it.

Trump should leave the Democrat Socialists to rail against inanimate objects and find an accommodation for DACA designees to cement his position as a leader who cares about the safety of human beings on both sides of the border.

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Taxing The American Dream

Are Democrats not even pretending you can keep your healthcare if you like it anymore? Why do they want to restrict people’s choices in healthcare and education? If Howard Schultz runs for president, doe he guarantee Trump a second term? Who needs $50 million anyway? WSJ Columnist and CNN Chief Economist, Steve Moore joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Will Trump Dwell On The Wall Or Move On?

Are Republicans going to stand with Trump through another shutdown? How do Trump and some Senate Republicans go into 2020 after not delivering on a wall? Has Trump done anything to expand his base? Will Democrats scare voters back into the arms of Trump? Washington Post columnist, George Will joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Who Won The Shutdown Showdown?

Did Trump not cave but fold temporarily? Are we properly estimating the President? Why is the media ignoring Pelosi’s low approval ratings? Why are Republicans afraid to make their case and instead respond to hysteria? Deputy Editor of The Spectator, Freddy Gray joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Preparing For Government Shutdown Part 2

Should Howard Schultz be taken seriously as an independent candidate for President? Is it a competition to be the biggest identity politics’ candidate amongst the Democrats? Can Trump recover from the partial shutdown? Will his reelection be put in jeopardy if he doesn’t get the wall? Editor of the New Criterion, Roger Kimball joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Big Trouble If No Wall For GOP

Do Mayor DeBlasio and New Yorkers understand “free healthcare” translates to taxpayer funded? Will Trump play his final card and declare a national emergency to get his border wall funding? Is anyone buying the Democrats' concern about fiscal responsibility? Mike Gallagher joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Is It Still Border Wall Or Bust?

Is Trump still considering declaring the situation at the border a national emergency? Will Trump’s emotional plea for border security work? What will happen once government employees don’t receive their next paycheck? Will there be any give in the Republican caucus? How important is a tangible wall/barrier for Trump’s reelection in 2020? Reporter at Washington Examiner, Salena Zito joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Who Will Fold First?

Why not just reopen the fraction of the government currently furloughed and continue negotiating on border security funding? Does either side have an incentive to give in? New Democrat congresswoman like Ocasio-Cortez and Talib generate headlines but are they representative of the party at large? Does the longer the shutdown go on the more leverage Trump gains? Is anyone going to challenge the president in a 2020 primary? Editor of Washington Free Beacon, Matthew Continetti joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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The Never Ending Charade Of Identity Politics

Was 2018 the year of Republican women? Is the election of Trump in 2020 much more likely since the Democrats took over the house? Should Trump be worried about states he won in 2016 that have voted in Democrat governors? Was Jeff Sessions treated unfairly by Trump? Host of the Larry Elder Show, Larry Elder joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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