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Trump the Burkean

In 1774, the father of modern conservatism, Edmund Burke delivered a speech to the electors of Bristol-the people he would represent in the British Parliament. He said: "Your representative owes you, not his industry only, but his judgment; and he betrays, instead of serving you, if he sacrifices it to your opinion."

In other words, a legislator is not supposed to be a human weather vane--simply following the majority opinion at all times.

The same is true for a chief executive.

Whether you think it is out of hubris or philosophical grounding, President Trump is the most Burkean President since Reagan.

Most of our recent presidents have governed from the back of the parade of public opinion rather than choosing to form it at the front.

If President Trump's example of leading with the judgment he was elected to exercise brings about a renewed understanding of proper governance then Trump will have done our representative republic a great turn.

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Rolling Back The Administrative State

Has Trump began a regime change of the administrative state in Washington? Does the size of the bureaucracy undermine the people as a whole to hold government accountable? Political Science Professor at the University of Nevada, John Marini joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Climate Alarmism

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Getting China To Say Yes

Should the goal be to get China to say yes to anything? How did the stock market react to the G20 Summit? Rather than sweeping differences under the rug, why is Trump airing the dirty laundry in our relationship with China? Will Trump force China to change their business model? Is the Chinese government on shakier ground than typically considered? CNBC contributor, Jim Iuorio joins Dan and Amy to discuss the economic impact of the China agreement.


Unsustainable Healthcare System

Where is the Trump Administration making strides in the healthcare market? Who’s lying and who’s telling the truth about pre-existing conditions? How is Scott Walker in Wisconsin lowering premiums? Where is the country going to come up with the $34 trillion for “Medicare for all?” Founder of healthinsurancementors.com, C. Steven Tucker joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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National Security Concerns On The Ballot?

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Who Will Replace Nikki Haley?

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Huckabee: Trump Is The Most Pro-Life President We’ve Ever Had

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Kavanaugh: Exceptional And Unflappable

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The “Resistance” Infiltrates The White House

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Should Government Regulate Social Media?

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Sean Spicer Looks Back, Looks Forward On Trump's Leadership

For the first seven months of Donald Trump's presidency, Sean Spicer was the administration's spokesman, fielding questions and comments from an often hostile media. Now that his time as White House Press Secretary has passed, he's had time to reflect. Does he have any regrets? What does he make of Trump's relationship with the media? And with the American people generally? On this edition of Against the Current, Dan Proft asks Spicer those questions and more, reflecting on his time as chief spokesman for the Trump administration. Proft and Spicer also look forward: Are Republicans in trouble in 2018? Is the GOP experiencing an ideological change under Trump? Answers to these questions and much more analysis in this can't miss ATC.


Is Trump The Problem Or Solution?

Is there a widening gap between elites and the working class? Do young people have a lack of appreciation of the work product of other people? How big of a problem is it to be completely on board with or completely separate from Trump heading into the midterms? Does Kavanaugh need to be confirmed before November? Senior Editor at TheFederalist.com, David Harsanyi joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Trump Is Winning Ugly

What a contrast, right?

At the same time President Trump was stumbling through his post-game presser with Putin which necessitated a next-day contraction retraction, former President Obama was in South Africa treating the world to his soaring rhetoric thereby reminding us how good we had it.

That’s the DC press corps’ version of events.

Unfortunately for Democrats, Obama’s tawdry sentimentality and Life’s Little Instruction Book maxims hold up about as well over time as do his policies.

Obama got away with congenial disdain for the Bible-and-gun clingers but his political progeny—not to mention his administration’s apparatchiks—are not nearly as adroit.

Obama’s veiled invective is weak tea compared to his former CIA Director’s call for a firing squad.

Obama’s cliché-ridden claptrap lacks the appeal of Adam Schiff’s Manchurian Candidate conspiracy theories or a Business Insider deep dive on bugging soccer balls.

Obama served as a veneer for the Left’s ugliness.

Trump has unleashed it and marginalized Obama as a political asset in the process.

Now Trump leads the Left’s parade of horribles around by their P-hats in full public view.

It’s messy. And Trump is sloppy. But, like the 1983 Chicago White Sox, Trump is Winning Ugly.


Where’s The America First President?

Why can’t Trump separate Russian meddling and collusion? Why does Trump continue to give ammunition those who want to unseat him? How much damage did his remarks do to the agenda of his administration and upcoming midterms? New York Post Columnist, Michael Goodwin joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Don’t Drain The Baby With The Bathwater



Intimidated by Hillary’s lawyers.

Improper gifts.

Lack of impartiality.

The IG’s report makes Democrats’ dreams of a Trump impeachment inconceivable.

So complete is the Trump vindication that the Left has regressed back to trying to figure out whether or not they’re supposed to like Jim Comey.

Trump should press his advantage here by consummating his anti-ruling-class value proposition.

The public doesn’t want the FBI and DOJ to go away. They just don’t want the senior leadership of those agencies to be conniving political operatives who believe themselves to be above the law.

Both are headed by Trump appointees now. The President should make a very public play to take a very active role in working with Christopher Wray and Jeff Sessions—or replacing if need be—to make the personnel and policy changes necessary for culture change and credibility restoration.

Much of the positive disruption President Trump has brought to the Beltway has been through simply doing what he said he would do as candidate Trump. It confounds the men and women of always.

Trump ran as a law and order candidate. The FBI and DOJ are instrumental institutions to the rule of law and public order in America.

Trump would bedevil his critics once again if chose this moment to be an institutional rebuilder.


Trump’s Great Base

Is there any chance of Trump's base deserting him? Will Trump win on his own but hurt down-ballot candidates? What’s the big coalition of Trump voters that the DC press corps still can’t wrap their minds around? Washington Examiner Reporter and author of “The Great Revolt,” Salena Zito joins Dan and Amy to discuss what she learned talking to Trump voters.

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Education Bias Against The Trades

Work and learn apprenticeship models are now incorporating practical skills along with college credits to attract more workers. Why are these technical skills jobs that pay $107k being left vacant? Montez King, from the President's Task Force on Apprenticeship Expansion, joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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The end game of the Muller investigation was never an indictment, it was always and remains impeachment. If the Democrats take control of the House, will impeachment proceedings begin? Despite the investigation and other obstacles, CNN Contributor Steve Cortes, joins Dan and Amy to discuss Trump’s win streak. 

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Iran Deal Proponents Caught Flat Footed

Trump made a great first step in getting rid of the largest state sponsor of terror in backing out of the Iran Deal. Why are we even having a debate over sanctions on Iran after Netanyahu exposed their lies and terrorist activities? Senior Editor at Washington Free Beacon, Bill Gertz joins Dan and Amy with reaction to Trump’s decision to back out of the Iran deal.

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