Trump supporters

“Never Trump” Republicans

Why are some Republicans who say they disagree with everything on the left still unable to support President? Are there not enough tax cuts or judicial appointments in the world to get them to support Trump? How can a Republican square their values with the policies from someone like Joe Biden and crossover and vote him President? Publisher at the Bulwark and “Never Trumper,” Sarah Longwell joins Dan and Amy to discuss. 

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Racist Dog Whistles From The Left

Is the founder of BET forgetting the white supremacist in the White House despite the country having the lowest black unemployment rate in history? Is “Make America White Again” the new Russian collusion? Democrats have already excommunicated the deplorables, but can they create a majority with the rest of the independents? Contributor at AmGreatness.com, Julie Kelly joins Dan and Scott Shellady to discuss.

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Democratic Cooperation

Are Democratic Presidential candidates running solely on the problems of this country, rather than the solutions? Is there a disconnect between what Trump wants to do with the country and what the country thinks he wants? Weekend editor at Hotair.com, Jazz Shaw joins Dand Amy to discuss.

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Laying Out The Blueprint For 2020

Has the Left still not learned their mistakes from 2016? Are red state voters fighting back after always being the butt of the joke? Who has the most going for them amongst the Democratic- Socialists running in 2020? Washington Examiner Reporter, Salena Zito joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Competing Narratives

Does anyone still believe Jussie Smollett’s story that he was attacked in downtown Chicago by masked men screaming obscenities and this is “MAGA country?" Is there any physical evidence that Smollett fought back as he told Robin Roberts? Are the doubters not supporting him because his assailants are probably white as he alleges? Dan and Amy discuss Jussie Smollett’s GMA interview and the ongoing Chicago Police investigation.

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Take The Deal

As soon as President Trump deleveraged by ending the partial government shutdown, obtaining only a fraction of the money and miles of border barriers he wanted was inevitable.

Rather than quarreling about whether this is a win now, Trump should use it as the stepping stone on the path to victory in 2020.

Trump will have pictures of new infrastructure along the border, the support of border patrol and stats demonstrating a decline in illegal crossings.

That will be more than enough evidence to wipe away the specific numbers on miles and dollars from the concerns of most voters, particularly his base.

He should take the deal and build on it.

Trump should leave the Democrat Socialists to rail against inanimate objects and find an accommodation for DACA designees to cement his position as a leader who cares about the safety of human beings on both sides of the border.

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A New Conservative Agenda

Is it time for conservatives to stand up against the bigot baiting and go on offense? Why did the world think the worst of a young white student attending the March for Life wearing a MAGA hat? What should be the new conservative approach in Trump and post Trump era? Editor at First Things, Rusty Reno joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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The Intolerable Cruelty of Lawless Immigration

President Trump was right to declare in his State of the Union Address that ruling elites’ tolerance for illegal immigration is not compassionate but cruel.

The Fortune 500 C-suite GOP donor and the open borders, #AbolishICE Democrat Socialists practice the same form of sentimental barbarism.

Both treat illegal immigrants inhumanely—as the means to their short-term ends.

For the effete GOP donor, the illegal immigrant is useful economically. For the wild-eyed Marxist, the illegal immigrant is useful politically.

The effete GOP donor reduces his labor cost while the wild-eyed Marxist increases his cadre of reliable voters.

Both cohorts demagogue their respective parties with bigot-baiting rhetoric to frighten them away from the sort of compromise Trump proffered consistent with the promise of America Emma Lazarus articulated.

Virtuous immigration policy puts a welcome mat in front of our golden door and opens it to new Americans who will serve the long-term interests of America for generations to come.

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D.C. Press Corps' War On Catholic Schools

How does the Catholic Church reform itself externally and internally after the Covington Catholic incident? Msgr. Pat Hamborough of St. Mark's in St. Louis, the priest you saw being accosted by the Black Hebrews over the weekend that started the chain reaction of events at the Lincoln Memorial, joins Dan and Amy with a first-person account of what the Covington Catholic School boys did.

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Is It Still Border Wall Or Bust?

Is Trump still considering declaring the situation at the border a national emergency? Will Trump’s emotional plea for border security work? What will happen once government employees don’t receive their next paycheck? Will there be any give in the Republican caucus? How important is a tangible wall/barrier for Trump’s reelection in 2020? Reporter at Washington Examiner, Salena Zito joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Highs And Lows Of Trump’s Presidency

Is Trump his own chief of staff? How much credit does General Kelly deserve? Is Comey getting away with too much in the public view? Is it time for Trump to have a national address to tout his accomplishments and discuss what needs to be done the next two years? What does Trump need to do or say to expand his base? How does the Left use their dominance in popular culture as a weapon against their political opponents? Podcaster and Hollywood screenwriter, Andrew Klavan joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Trump Shooting Himself In The Foot

Are ads filled with sexual innuendos the new hip, cool way to reach millenials to go out and vote? Is it revenge of the Exes Day in the Kavanaugh saga? Does Lindsey Graham need to do more talking and Trump need to do less? Why isn’t the FBI sitting down with Dr. Ford? Senior Editor for HotAir.com and columnist for The Week, Ed Morrissey joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Trump’s Super Ego

What makes Trump different than the typical president? Does Trump’s capacity for concern allow him to say what he’s really thinking? Why do things get under his skin so easily yet he’s also able to pick himself up quickly? How did the death of his brother affect him? Clinical professor and author of “Trump On The Couch,” Dr. Justin Frank joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Trump Driving His Critics Certifiably Insane

Does the left not just disagree with Trump but see the need for him and his ideas to be destroyed? Does the extension of the Mueller investigation benefit Trump? Does the Trump winning, drive his opponents more and more crazy? Editor of The New Criterion and columnist for PJ Media, Roger Kimball joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Is The Left Over-Watergating Their Hand?

Did Trump's fixer neuter his Presidency? Why are conservatives boxed in with the choice of  the Left, who associate conservatives with the likes of Hitler, or supporting a man with a sleazy background that everyone has known about all along? Hollywood screenwriter, Andrew Klavan joins Dan and Shaun Thompson to discuss all of the legal and political angles and implications of the recent Cohen charges.

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Can We Save America A Second Time?

Are the Democrats who are still unable to accept Trump’s victory comparable to the Democrats during the Civil War era who were unhappy with Lincoln? Is the new fight to take on the Democrat Socialists? Has there ever been an American political party who so openly advocates for lawlessness? Author and filmmaker, Dinesh D'Souza joins Dan and Amy to preview his new movie "Death of a Nation."

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Centrist Democrats Out Of Ideas

Trump successfully gained the support of newcomers to the party but did he sacrifice other chunks of the Republican base in the process? Do we ever get a straight answer from Trump or his team? Do Democrats even know what socialism is? National Review Columnist, Jonah Goldberg joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Fake News Continues To Berate Trump

Can you distinguish between the #AbolishICE protesters in cities across America this past weekend and Democrat U.S. Senators? Do Democrats care more about illegal immigrants than the struggles in African American communities? Does Trump bear some responsibility for the Capital Gazette murders as suggested by some media publications? The first ladies of punditry, Diamond and Silk join Dan and John Kass to discuss.  

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Who Will Be The Next Supreme Court Justice?

Trump says he's sticking to the list and McConnell is sticking to the nuclear option and a fall vote. Are the never Trumpers biting their tongues after Trump will have the opportunity to nominate another Supreme Court Justice? Georgetown law professor, Randy Barnett joins Dan and Amy to discuss Justice Kennedy’s retirement.

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The Left’s Emotional Manipulation

Is Trump’s overly simplistic video shown to Kim Jong Un going to be effective? Are the problems with families at the border a showing of how ineffective government has been on immigration laws?  Is the Trump administration overplaying its hand with it's "zero tolerance" policy on immigration pending reforms? Trump Whisperer and Dilbert cartoon creator, Scott Adams joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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