affirmative action

Debunking “White Privilege”

What does the data say about "white privilege"? Does it have any relevance? Why are Asians outpacing whites in almost every category when it comes to economics and educational attainment? Are college admission offices using reverse affirmative action against Asian students? Cambridge Academics, Vincent Harinam and Rob Henderson join Dan and Amy to discuss. 

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A New Racial Order

Why does the government require someone to check a box and what do they use it for? If America is becoming a multiracial nation, why is there more pressure to fit into one box? Why are we limiting people to view the whole world through a limited social construct? Documentarian, Eli Steele joins Dan and Amy in studio to discuss his film "How Jack Became Black."

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Affirmative Action Can Lead America Down Dangerous Road

Trump revises and extends his remarks on Charlottesville and garners thanks from the mother of the woman murdered on Saturday. But, where was law enforcement in Charlottesville? Are Americans choosing to ignore the country’s history in taking down statues? Are the Confederate statues reflective of American values? Is the US going down a dangerous road in giving special privileges to certain groups of people? Eminent George Mason University Economist, Walter Williams joins Dan and Amy to address the politics as religion crowd and their church of group identity.