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Searching For Unity

Is there any hope for unity among Americans? Robert Cortis, creator of the Trump Unity Bridge, believes his float can unify the country. He joins Dan and Charles Love to discuss his tour around the country and the reception his pro-Trump float has been receiving.

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Media Blames Trump

Is there a noticeable increase in crime and gun use since Trump began his presidency? Since mental health issues and gun ownership have always been a part of American life, why are these issues arising at such an alarming rate? Online opinion editor for the Washington Times, Cheryl Chumley joins Dan and Charles Love to discuss.

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Freedom And Dignity Festival

Toby Keith headlines the Freedom and Dignity Festival Saturday, August 10th at Schaumburg Boomers Stadium. Proceeds from the concert will go towards job training for veterans in the culinary world. If you’re looking for a way to thank our veterans and celebrate America, you can find tickets here: https://www.freedomanddignityfestival.org.

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The New Americanism

Does 2.9% GDP growth in 2019 mean Trump's tax reform was a success? Are there any impending signs of another recession? Are economics and morality amiss in the Green New Deal? What’s the nexus between Ayn Rand and the American dream? The Founder of the Capitalist Pig hedge fund, Jonathan Hoenig joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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The Great Communicator

What stands out in Reagan’s life before his presidency? How did Reagan’s dream of becoming a sports broadcaster lead to his acting career? What is his relevance in today’s society? Bob Spitz joins Dan and Amy discuss his new book, “REAGAN: An American Journey.”

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Survived With Honor

Should there be concerns with the U.S. political system because of the entrenched politicians who occupy it? What is the future of American politics and civility? Retired U.S. Air Force General and prisoner of war in Vietnam, John Borling joins Dan and Amy to discuss the life of John McCain and the country’s uncertain future.

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Black Lives Matter Discredited Their Legitimacy

Main problems with the Black Lives Matter movement: shut down conversation at universities and failed to address black on black crime, while alienating police officers in the black community. Is Black Lives Matter any different than other cultural Marxists groups? DePaul Philosophy Professor, Dr. Jason Hill joins Dan and Amy to discuss his new book “We Have Overcome,” which he describes as a love letter to the American people.

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Rule Of Law Vs. Rule Of Men

What has given the American people the strength to live under the Constitution for nine generations? Can the Constitution only survive depending on the character of the people enforcing it? Is it telling that both sides of the aisle will invoke the Constitution in their arguments proving its enduring quality and importance? Contributing Editor of the Claremont Review of Books, Joseph Tartakovsky joins Dan and Amy to discuss his new book “The Lives Of The Constitution.”

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Opening Day For The White Sox

Despite some possible flurries, Larry Molloy and his mom are making their 50th straight White Sox Opening Day at “Comiskey.” Larry joins Dan and Amy to share memories of opening day over the years with his mom and how he’s now carrying on the tradition with his sons.  

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Pin-Ups For Vets

Veterans Day is behind us but the need to support them is not. Pin-Ups for Vets, a calendar that draws inspiration from World War II pin-ups, was created as a way to boost morale for veterans that are hospitalized or currently serving. All proceeds from the calendars goes toward the purchase of rehab equipment for our wounded veterans. Pin-Ups For Vets Founder, Gina Elise joins Dan and Amy to discuss. 

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Affirmative Action Can Lead America Down Dangerous Road

Trump revises and extends his remarks on Charlottesville and garners thanks from the mother of the woman murdered on Saturday. But, where was law enforcement in Charlottesville? Are Americans choosing to ignore the country’s history in taking down statues? Are the Confederate statues reflective of American values? Is the US going down a dangerous road in giving special privileges to certain groups of people? Eminent George Mason University Economist, Walter Williams joins Dan and Amy to address the politics as religion crowd and their church of group identity.