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Encouraging Lawlessness

Why are Democratic members of Congress encouraging illegal immigrants to come to America on the taxpayers' dime? Why are American organizations aiding and abetting illegal immigrants with no consequences? Chairman of ACT for America, Brigitte Gabriel joins Dan and Amy to discuss the magnitude of illegal border crossings and her own experience becoming an American citizen legally.

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Tolerance Of Lawlessness

What kind of support do families who have lost loved ones at the hands of illegal aliens receive from law enforcement or politicians? President of AVIAC, Don Rosenberg joins Dan and Amy to share the story of how his son was killed by an illegal alien who slipped through cracks and should have been deported years before this tragedy occurred.

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“I Respect No Borders”

Was the failure to get the citizen question on the census a cave by the Trump administration or just a result of the legal realities? Will Wilbur Ross lose his position over this? Will Joe Biden have to walk back his “I respect no borders” quote if he makes it to the general? Are some Democratic contenders saying if you like your health insurance, tough luck? Senior Editor at National Review, Ramesh Ponnuru joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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The Downside Of A Two Party System

Should we reconsider our country’s two party system? Is there still an opening for Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz, in the center left lane for the Democratic presidential race? Should President Trump invite the press for a tour of the detention centers on the border? Is Joe Biden a man without a party? Senior political correspondent for the Washington Examiner, David Drucker joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Illegal Immigration Vs. Asylum

Is the border being flooded with migrants because of talks of amnesty and sanctuary state laws? Are there any repercussions for those who cross the border seeking asylum but never show up to their court date? Senior Legal Fellow at The Heritage Foundation, Hans Von Spakovsky joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Free Healthcare And Open Borders

Do Americans want to pay for illegal immigrants’ healthcare like the Democrat Presidential candidates will force them to? Was NBC protecting Warren from serious debate? Is this the opportune time for Trump to make a national address on the situation at the border? Former Editor at Large of Out Magazine, Chadwick Moore joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Post Truth Era

What will be the Democrats’ play heading into 2020? Is AOC going to aplogize for comparing detention camps on the southern border to the concentration camps in Nazi Germany? NYT best selling author, Brad Thor joins Dan and Amy to discuss his new book, “Backlash.”

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Broken Immigration Crisis

Has illegal immigration always been about the movement of labor? Should we be switching to an employment based immigration system? How are the cartels and smugglers south of the border making bank on illegal immigration? Senior contributor at the Federalist, John Daniel Davidson joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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The Modern Fight Against Tyranny

Is there a compromise on the horizon for border security? Where is the investigation into 2016 leading? Why do young people lack an understanding of how our founding fathers fought against tyranny? Utah Senator Mike Lee joins Dan and Amy to discuss his new book, “Our Declaration.”

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Open Or Closed Doors In Sanctuary Cities?

Is Medicare for all popular with people who like their private insurance and their doctor? What was the reaction from Democrat leaders to their cities potentially getting flooded with illegal immigrants? Is this a legitimate policy proposal or is President Trump simply trolling? Writer at Powerlineblog.com, John Hinderaker joins Dan and John Kass to discuss.

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Framing 2020

If the situation at the border is in fact a crisis, what should we do about it? Is political jargon getting in the way of coming up with a solution? Is 94% of people getting a tax cut considered a good outcome? Is calling a candidate a socialist a smear? Former Chair of the DNC and Fox News contributor, Donna Brazile joins Dan and Carol Roth to discuss.

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Why Is The Left Afraid Of Steve Moore?

What is most unfair aspect of a potential capital gains tax? Is it appropriate for the President to be attacking the chairman of the Fed? What will be the consequences of shutting down the southern border? Fed Board nominee, Steve Moore joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Politics And Policy Of Obamacare

What is the Republicans’ alternative to Obamacare? Should Congressional Republicans continue to hold a tough line on border security? Is immigration not a Republican problem but a Nancy Pelosi problem? Will Biden’s touchy/feely nature end his presidential chances? Editor at National Review, Rich Lowry joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Who’s The Leader In The Clubhouse?

Are other Democrats resentful at Beto for entering the race? Are socialists getting the headlines but won’t get the votes? Will there be any sort of political payback for the 12 Republican senators who voted against Trump’s emergency border wall funding? Editor at the New Criterion, Roger Kimball joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Anti-Semitism Growing On The Left

How does Rep. Omar still have a seat on the House Foreign Affairs committee? Are we getting close to critical mass in evidentiary support for Trump's national emergency claim? Do those in even the Republican ranks underestimate the frustration in the country with the lawlessness at the border? Senior Editor for TheFederalist.com, David Harsanyi joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Justice Department Coup

Does McCabe get to be the media star for at least a week? Where is the outrage that the DOJ was trying to set up the President of the United States? Is Trump setting a dangerous precedent with declaring national emergency to build the border wall? Senior editor at TheFederalist.com, David Harsanyi joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Out Of Touch

What is the Democrats’ message heading into 2020? Is the field of candidates who aren’t parents show how out of touch they are with reality? Is Trump willing to shut down government again to move forward with border security talks? Senior Contributor at American Greatness, Julie Kelly joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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The Intolerable Cruelty of Lawless Immigration

President Trump was right to declare in his State of the Union Address that ruling elites’ tolerance for illegal immigration is not compassionate but cruel.

The Fortune 500 C-suite GOP donor and the open borders, #AbolishICE Democrat Socialists practice the same form of sentimental barbarism.

Both treat illegal immigrants inhumanely—as the means to their short-term ends.

For the effete GOP donor, the illegal immigrant is useful economically. For the wild-eyed Marxist, the illegal immigrant is useful politically.

The effete GOP donor reduces his labor cost while the wild-eyed Marxist increases his cadre of reliable voters.

Both cohorts demagogue their respective parties with bigot-baiting rhetoric to frighten them away from the sort of compromise Trump proffered consistent with the promise of America Emma Lazarus articulated.

Virtuous immigration policy puts a welcome mat in front of our golden door and opens it to new Americans who will serve the long-term interests of America for generations to come.

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Class Divide On Immigration

Did President Trump correctly highlight the class divide on illegal immigration between cheap labor for the elites and votes for the “open borders” left? Is it too hard to for anyone in the political class to give credit when due to the other side? Washington Examiner reporter, Salena Zito joins Dan and Amy to recap President Trump’s SOTU.

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The Intersection Of Law And Politics

What is the importance of the subpoenas to Trump’s inauguration committee? Was the arrest of Roger Stone excessive? Would it be wise for Trump to use the SOTU to declare a national emergency or should he simply restate his proposed compromise and let the Feb. 15 clock run? Contributing editor at National Review, Andy McCarthy joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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