How To Rebuild IL Manufacturing

The Great Lakes' states have traditionally been America's powerhouses for manufacturing – but that's not the case anymore for Illinois. As Illinois' Midwestern neighbors prosper, Illinois manufacturing falters. On this edition of Against the Current, Dan Proft talks to Zach Mottl, a fourth-generation manufacturing business owner and manufacturing advocate, about what policies need to be put in place both in Illinois and at the federal level to boost manufacturing jobs. Mottl dispels some myths often pushed in Springfield as to why the state can't reform its workers' compensation system or lower its property taxes, and Proft and Mottl discuss U.S. trade policy and what the country can do better.


RJW Explains How A Business Calculated Expanding In IN vs. IL

Kevin Williamson, President and CEO of RJW Group, talks business with Dan and Amy. What has been driving his business' growth? He is considering expanding his business in Indiana instead of Illinois. What considerations factor into that decision? Is Illinois doing anything to keep RJW Group here?

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The Day The Music Died


Suzanne Monk, Co-Owner of World Music in Chicago and a Trump supporter, has had to face the music: Liberals will stop at nothing to silence people with whom they disagree. Targeted for harassment and intimidation because of her political views, Monk tells Dan and Amy she has been forced to close up shop and plans to move out of Chicago.

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