c steven tucker

“People Will Die”

Can Republicans be the party of healthcare? What does that mean for your health insurance quality, choice and premiums? Will there be a replacement before 2020? Founder of HealthInsuranceMentors.com, C Steven Tucker joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Unsustainable Healthcare System

Where is the Trump Administration making strides in the healthcare market? Who’s lying and who’s telling the truth about pre-existing conditions? How is Scott Walker in Wisconsin lowering premiums? Where is the country going to come up with the $34 trillion for “Medicare for all?” Founder of healthinsurancementors.com, C. Steven Tucker joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Nancy Pelosi Read This Healthcare Bill

The Senate GOP unveiled their Obamacare replacement and they're already two votes short. But is "nice" enough for President Trump? Dan & Amy were joined by HealthInsuranceMentors.com's C. Steven Tucker to distinguish between the Senate GOP and House GOP versions of Obamacare repeal.


CS Tucker Previews Obamacare Replacement

C. Steven Tucker of HealthInsuranceMentors.com, spoke with Dan Proft & Amy Jacobson about the reasons that Obamacare has failed and why it needs to be repealed. He specifically touches on the ways in which people were gaming the system. Tucker also explains the implications for renewed competition and choice in health insurance and health care that will result if congressional Republicans replace Obamacare with legislation like that previously offered by Dr. Tom Price, Trump's nominee for HHS Secretary.

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