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Culturally Anxious Voters Will Decide 2018 Elections

In 2018, the GOP’s continued standing as the majority party in America will turn on the participation of culturally anxious voters.

The people who appreciate the distinctions between liberty and libertinism.

The people who understand the implications of erasing the lines between decency and indecency.

The people who are respectful of the time, money and lives of others.

The people who recognize identity politics for the cultural poison that it is.

The people who reject the age of de facto segregation everywhere other than the bathroom.

The people who still talk of men and women without the “cisgender” modifier.

The people whose lives are defined by the love of family and friends not the popularity of a hashtag campaign.

The people who will listen to rather than shout down an opposing viewpoint.

The people who see things for what they are rather than redefine them through a distorted political lens.

The people who believe in being their brother’s keeper but don’t believe they should be forced to be his sugar daddy.

It won’t be a single issue. It’s not going to be a question of one accomplishment or one failure.

It will turn on whether or not Republicans let cultural Marxists run roughshod over people in their offices, their churches, and their kids’ schools.

The GOP’s majority status will turn on its ability to serve as political Xanax to the culturally anxious.

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