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Live From St. Mary’s Retirement Home

Dan and Amy are broadcasting live from St. Mary’s retirement home run by Little Sisters of the Poor and are joined by Mother Julie and resident Essie. St. Mary’s mission is to welcome the elderly in financial need into a loving and caring home.

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Bishop Bans Madigan From Receiving Communion

Is the Catholic Church's strategy of appeasement on issues like abortion working? Are too many religious leaders acting like politicians by not taking a stand to avoid political heat? Springfield Diocese's Bishop Paprocki joins Dan and Amy to discuss his decision to ban Speaker Madigan and Senate President Cullerton from receiving Communion for their support of pro-abortion bills.

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Join Kevin Matthews For A Candlelight Procession

Can’t we all use a little peace and healing? Kevin Matthews joins Dan and Amy to discuss the candlelight procession he is leading from St. John Cantius on Friday night. All are welcome. More info here: https://www.ourladyofthebroken.org/

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Rebuilding Notre Dame

What do we know about the state of the cathedral at this point? Will it be rebuilt within 5 years and more beautiful than ever as French President Macron says? Architect, David Stroik joins Dan and Amy to discuss the feasibility of those plans.

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The Sexual Revolution’s Final Frontier

The sexualization of children will be televised.

It’s on Hulu in the form of a masturbating grade schooler in the series “Pen15.”

It’s on “Good Morning America” where an 11-year-old drag queen danced provocatively to the approval of the hosts and studio audience alike.

Gore Vidal would be a prude by the standards of today’s Caligulan culture.

In 2015, an admitted pedophile argued in Salon.com that, “Society preventing children from engaging in sex play and romance play is akin to preventing them from learning to swim.”

Today, the response from New York state legislators to sex trafficking is to legalize prostitution

The SJW response to sex abuse by Catholic clergy is to remove the celibacy vow for priests.

The response to the latest sexual abuse charges against R. Kelly is for his attorney to assert an implicit consent defense.

The sexual revolution is on the cusp of conquering its final frontier.

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Big Government As A Moral Issue

What has been the impact of Illinois’ economic death spiral on churches? Does the clergy have an obligation to educate their parishioners on what the political ruling class is doing or would they rather throw in with them? Senior pastor at Christ Church, Mike Woodruff joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Church In Crisis

What has been going on at mega churches like Harvest Bible Chapel and Willow Creek in the Chicagoland area? How have they been creating cultures of dread and fear? Why are their elders living the lifestyles of the rich and famous on backs of their congruents? Veteran radio host, Julie Roys joins Dan and Amy to discuss her special “Church In Crisis” on Chicago WYLL 1160 AM at 6:00pm.

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D.C. Press Corps' War On Catholic Schools

How does the Catholic Church reform itself externally and internally after the Covington Catholic incident? Msgr. Pat Hamborough of St. Mark's in St. Louis, the priest you saw being accosted by the Black Hebrews over the weekend that started the chain reaction of events at the Lincoln Memorial, joins Dan and Amy with a first-person account of what the Covington Catholic School boys did.

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Competing Clown Shows On Capitol Hill

Does the anonymous op-ed prove there are people who believe more in the preservation of the political class than the agenda of the people? Is silence and prayer the remedy to the Church’s sexual abuse scandal as suggested by Pope Francis? Is it hard to be optimistic about the possibility of having an even worse mayor in Chicago and governor in Illinois? CNN Contributor, Steve Cortes joins Dan to discuss.

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Tell Me About The Rabbits, Blase

“The Pope has a bigger agenda. He's got to get on with other things, of talking about the environment and protecting migrants and carrying on the work of the church. We're not going to go down a rabbit hole on this.”

Those were the words of Cardinal Blase Cupich of the Archdiocese of Chicago in the wake of credible accusations that Pope Francis had guilty knowledge of sexual misconduct within his inner circle and did nothing.

The Pope’s response to the assertion he did nothing is to say nothing.

The Cupich and Francis responses are telling in their familiar ring.

Both are ideological.

Cupich’s flacking is of the Weinstein variety: my work is too important to indulge distractions about my behavior.

Pope Francis’ imperious silence makes it clear he doesn’t answer to you.

The posturing of these two is more contrived than Jimmy Swaggart’s “I have sinned” sobbing.

Francis and Cupich are conducting themselves like politicians in damage control to protect their personal ambitions rather than as faith leaders tending to a wounded flock to protect the Church.

Cupich’s misdirection and Francis’ silence aren’t going to fly.

Nothing short of a complete accounting and a full reckoning for the horrors that were unleashed and excused inside the Catholic Church is acceptable.


Reckoning In The Catholic Church

Why are leaders in the Catholic Church acting like politicians in their handling of the abuse of children? Why were known abusers shuffled around? Should Pope Francis resign? Is the Catholic Church as an institution going to be able to regain the trust of their believers? Washington Examiner Reporter, Salena Zito joins Dan and Amy to discuss the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal and her personal connection to the situation in Pittsburgh.

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Should Catholics Call For The Resignation Of Pope Francis?

Should Pope Francis resign in the wake of the Vigano testimony? Why is Pope Francis not addressing the allegations directly? What did he know and when did he know it? Should conservative Catholics step up and call for a purge of the hierarchy of the Church before it’s too late? Mary FioRito, former top aide to Francis Cardinal George, joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Institutional Abuse

Sexual abuse of children whether it is in the Catholic Church or Chicago Public Schools should and does spark outrage. But from who? There are calls for a reckoning in both institutions, but what happens when the stories blow over or the interest, especially in CPS, just isn’t there? Dan and Amy discuss the disturbing reports coming out of Pennsylvania detailing the over 70 years of abuse against the backdrop of the most recent allegations surfacing from CPS.

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What Happened To America First?

Is Steve Bannon right about DACA and The Catholic Church? How can the Democratic party claim to be the party of working class Americans and also want to hand out millions of work permits to illegal immigrants? Why wasn’t the border wall first priority over DACA? Michelle Malkin contends there's no such thing as a "deserving DREAMer." Senior Editor for the Conservative Review, Michelle Malkin joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Dick Durbin's Lesson In "Orthodox Catholicism"

Is Notre Dame law professor Amy Barrett too Catholic to serve as an appellate judge? According to Senator Feinstein, “the dogma lives loudly within her.” Senator Feinstein and self-professed Catholic Dick Durbin expose their antipathy toward Catholicism during the Senate Judiciary Hearing. Where were the Republican Senators providing pushback on the religious test being imposed? How are they able to get away with this? Dan and Amy discuss the hearing and expose the hypocrisy of the intolerant left for their preferential treatment of certain religious backgrounds.

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Father Scalia On His Dad And His Faith

Dan & Amy are joined by Father Paul Scalia, the son of former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, to discuss the importance of faith and family in his dad's life. Father Scalia discusses his dad's legacy and shares his thoughts on the search for truth, as well as his new book “That Nothing May Be Lost: Reflections on Catholic Doctrine and Devotion.” And they dismantle the myth that just because something is legal, it is good.


The Case of Anthony Esolen: How Politics Is The New Religion Even At Catholic Colleges

After being called a misogynist and a racist, among other things, Anthony Esolen, english professor at Providence College, talked with Dan Proft & Amy Jacobson about the fractured state of Catholic education at universities, and why he doesn’t care what the faculty thinks of him. 

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Crux Editor: Cupich Elevation To Cardinal Indicates Church's Move To The Left

John Allen, Editor of Crux: Covering All Things Catholic, talked with Dan Proft & Amy Jacobson about Pope Francis’ papacy and why he is trying to internationalize and globalize the Catholic church - specifically the Cardinals. Allen believes that Pope Francis is more center left in his views then all previous Popes, which represents a larger shift in the church.

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