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Case Of Grave Injustice

What was the difference between the media's coverage of the Covington Catholic High school boys compared to the other high school kids who were celebrated as activists? Are reporters trying to blame social media rather than their rush to judgement to smear these kids? President of the National Association of Scholars, Peter Wood joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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D.C. Press Corps' War On Catholic Schools

How does the Catholic Church reform itself externally and internally after the Covington Catholic incident? Msgr. Pat Hamborough of St. Mark's in St. Louis, the priest you saw being accosted by the Black Hebrews over the weekend that started the chain reaction of events at the Lincoln Memorial, joins Dan and Amy with a first-person account of what the Covington Catholic School boys did.

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En Loco Parentis Does Not Mean Crazy Parents

Parents remain the primary educators for their children, but what is the role of their teachers during the school day? How does the philosophy of parochial schools compare to public schools? How important is character development in education? How do the interactions amongst peers influence students in school? Are teachers educating students the same way they were 10, 20, 30 years ago? Fenwick High School Social Studies teacher, Dr. Gerald Lordan joins Dan and Amy to discuss what he believes is the contract between teachers and parents.

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The Case of Anthony Esolen: How Politics Is The New Religion Even At Catholic Colleges

After being called a misogynist and a racist, among other things, Anthony Esolen, english professor at Providence College, talked with Dan Proft & Amy Jacobson about the fractured state of Catholic education at universities, and why he doesn’t care what the faculty thinks of him. 

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