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The Logic Of The Nanny State

The recent story of 11-month old Charlie Gard brought to light some of the serious issues with Government-Funded Healthcare. Should the state have final say over parents when a child's life is at stake? And if a system gives the state that much power, do we want it in the United States? We asked those who support a single-payer healthcare system to help us Follow The Logic. 


Charlie Gard's Parents Fight To Save Their Son

A U.S. doctor says an experimental procedure has 10% chance of helping Charlie Gard. The London High Court is still deciding if Charlie belongs to his parents or the state. Should Charlie be “allowed to die with dignity”? Are the State or parents better positioned to speak for children? Is this the future under a single-payer healthcare system? Dan & Kristen McQueary discussed Charlie Gard's parents' fight to save their son and the Orwellian double speak used by the UK's court and hospital systems.


The State Vs. Charlie Gard

Charlie Gard’s parents are thinking about their son and trying to save his life.

The British government is thinking about its centrally-planned health care system and trying to save its dominion over the lives of its countrymen.

And that’s the story of government from time immemorial.

The state is forever seeking to intervene between parents and children because family is a bulwark against its power.

A spokesman for the London hospital that seeks to put Charlie Gard to death said they don’t want “a world where only parents speak and decide for children.”

You see, they speak for your child.

The commissars at the Orwellian-acronymed National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) will tell you when it’s time for him to die with dignity. And there’s nothing nice about the way they shall impose their will.

The State vs. Charlie Gard is a reminder to Americans about the nature of government-run health care, yes.

More importantly, it is a lesson about the nature of government generally.

The state and the Gard family are adversaries not allies.

Government is a synonym for force not compassion.

This is what George Washington meant when he described government as “a dangerous servant, and a fearful master.”

Consider this when politicians offer to improve your life with government in either role.

Consider Charlie Gard’s life.