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No Appetite For Reform

No plan, a warning of a massive property tax hike, and still in denial of how big of a problem the city’s finances are. Those were the takeaways from Mayor Lightfoot’s State of the City Address. But is Chicago already in more debt than it can ever possibly pay off? President of Wirepoints.com, Ted Dabrowski joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Chicago’s Bad Business Model

How do we explain why major cities like Chicago are having problems hiring more police and protecting its neighborhoods and cities like San Francisco that are struggling to deal with the homeless population and diseases? Are Chicago politicians looking to raise more revenue in order to buy more time? How is Chicago still struggling at the peak of our economy? Founder and President of strongtowns.org, Chuck Marohn joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Chicago’s Debt Is Worse Than You Thought

Is Mayor-Elect Lori Lightfoot considering bankruptcy? How does Chicago have the highest taxpayer burden even though we have balanced budget requirements? Truth in Accounting Founder, Sheila Weinberg joins Dan and Amy to discuss their new report on the biggest taxpayer burden in major metro areas.

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Chicago Receives Another ‘F Grade

How much would each taxpayer in Chicago need to send to city hall to break even? $36,000. That isn’t even including Chicago Public Schools or Park District's costs and debts. Is the city running out of backs to put the city’s pension debt on? Are politicians and mayoral candidates coming up with different schemes to kick the can down the road instead of fixing the problem now? Founder of Truth in Accounting, Sheila Weinberg joins Dan and Amy to discuss their latest "State of the Cities" report.

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Putting Chicagoans First

Why do Chicagoans keep electing the same people over and over with no results? How many of the candidates in the race have no ties or stake in the political machine? The youngest candidate in the race for Mayor, John Kozlar joins Dan and Amy to make his case.

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Tiny Dancer Bows Out

Unlike Daley, did Rahm getting pushed out by the city and not the political insiders? Is Rahm looking to cut a deal with someone he can endorse? Did he accomplish anything? Does the political machine still have the same power they once held? Where’s the Republican Party? Chicago Tribune columnist, John Kass joins Dan and Amy to discuss the curtains closing on Mayor Emanuel and to share his take on the city’s mayoral race.  

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IL Deserves Lower Than F Grade

Is everyone in the state willing to write a check for $50,800 to send to Springfield to catch government up with its unfunded pensions? Not to mention the City of Chicago’s pension debt and the other 651 cities in Illinois not funding theirs. Founder and CEO of Truth In Accounting, Sheila Weinberg joins Dan and Amy with an updated financial picture of Illinois in all of its gory detail.

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Chicagoans, You Each Owe $45k

What is the common thread between cities with poor financial standings besides having Democrats as mayors? How is Chicago going to pay off $36 billion in unfunded pension liabilities when that number is 5x the City’s annual budget? In order to begin trying to tackle the debt in Chicago, city officials must either raise taxes or spend less. What is tax and spend Tiny Dancer going to choose? Founder and CEO of Truth in Accounting, Sheila Weinberg joins Dan and Amy to discuss a new report on the financial stability of the nation's 75 most populous cities.

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Democrats' Fake Reform

Lawmakers are trying to rush a budget at the end of special session, so House Democrats finally put forth a plan, which includes a property tax freeze. But the plan offers no real relief for struggling taxpayers. On this edition of Illinois Rising, Dan Proft and Pat Hughes break this down with WirePoints.com's Mark Glennon, and discuss what real property tax relief should look like. They also discuss the soon-to-be insolvent Chicago police pension, and waste throughout Chicago Public Schools, as well as financial recklessness at the county level.








Fund Rainbow Sidewalks, But Not Pension Benefits

Chicago’s police pension fund will be insolvent by 2021 according to a new analysis by the Chicago City Wire, but the focus is on taxpayer funded permanent rainbow crosswalks. Is there a huge silent majority that supports President Trump in the gay community? An LGBT group wants Christians to pay for their "pride" but not be allowed in the public square. Should opposition to the redefinition of marriage disqualify one from Department of Education discussions? Dan & Amy discussed values, and priorities, and took your calls.


CNBC’s Santelli On CPS Pension Fund: It’s A Ponzi Scheme

Dan & Amy are joined by CNBC On-Air Editor Rick Santelli who had this to say about the Chicago City Wire: "It is a great publication. I wish more print and blogs and commentators and analysts would zero in on some of these huge issues."

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