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Lightfoot Calls Out Rahm’s “Epic Failure Of Leadership”

Will the CPS sex abuse scandal end Tiny Dancer's two-term recital? How come Rahm rushes to take credit for good test scores and universal preschool, but not criminal behavior of its employees? Chicago mayoral candidate Lori Lightfoot joins Dan and Kristen to discuss the CPS sex abuse scandal on Tiny Dancer's watch and why we can’t allow him to get away with it.

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Laying Commander Bauer To Rest

Thousands gathered in the streets along the procession and thousands more watched Commander Bauer’s televised funeral in appreciation and mourning for the sacrifice that he and his family made for the city of Chicago. Father Mike McGovern, one of the concelebrants and former classmate of Bauer's, joins Dan and Amy to discuss the mass and the legacy of Commander Bauer.

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Democrats' Fake Reform

Lawmakers are trying to rush a budget at the end of special session, so House Democrats finally put forth a plan, which includes a property tax freeze. But the plan offers no real relief for struggling taxpayers. On this edition of Illinois Rising, Dan Proft and Pat Hughes break this down with WirePoints.com's Mark Glennon, and discuss what real property tax relief should look like. They also discuss the soon-to-be insolvent Chicago police pension, and waste throughout Chicago Public Schools, as well as financial recklessness at the county level.








Fund Rainbow Sidewalks, But Not Pension Benefits

Chicago’s police pension fund will be insolvent by 2021 according to a new analysis by the Chicago City Wire, but the focus is on taxpayer funded permanent rainbow crosswalks. Is there a huge silent majority that supports President Trump in the gay community? An LGBT group wants Christians to pay for their "pride" but not be allowed in the public square. Should opposition to the redefinition of marriage disqualify one from Department of Education discussions? Dan & Amy discussed values, and priorities, and took your calls.


Treating The Police Like The Bad Guys Emboldens The Bad Guys

What a culture celebrates it begets.

An internal FBI report obtained by Paul Bedard at the Washington Examiner finds the DC press corps/Dem politician combine’s neutral to laudatory review of Black Lives Matter rioters makes us less safe by making police less safe.

The FBI reviewed 50 murders of police officers in 2016 and found in 14 of the cases the offender simply wanted to kill police.

“The assailants inspired by social and/or political reasons believed that attacking police officers was their way to ‘get justice’,” the report concluded.

The former mayor of Baltimore created a safe space for rioters in the wake of Freddie Gray’s death. That has left her successor crying to the FBI for help in combating Baltimore’s 20-year high murder rate.

Chicago Mayor Tiny Dancer scapegoated the police locally and brought Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch to town to tell the nation they were all racists. After more murders in Chicago last year than in New York City and LA combined, Chicago saw a 45% increase in murders in April as compared to April of last year. April featured the additional embarrassment of the Chicago Police Superintendent's police SUV being ransacked while it was parked outside of his home.

When you treat police like the bad guys, you embolden the bad guys.


Turnstile Justice

How do we address mass incarceration without undermining the rule of law? What percent of people are in prison for violent crimes and what is their average prison sentence? Can people "age out" of violence? John Pfaff, Professor of Law at Fordham University and author of “Locked In: The True Causes of Mass Incarceration and How to Achieve Real Reform,” joins Dan and Amy to discuss these questions and more.

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Why Is the Suicide Rate Among Chicago Police So High?

Retired Chicago Police officer turned author Dr. Ron Rufo joined Dan & Amy to explain why the suicide rate among Chicago police officers is 60% higher than that of other metropolitan police departments around the country. An important discussion on a story that goes underreported for all sorts of reasons.

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