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Race Against The Machine

Will Dorothy Brown make it on the ballot despite Preckwinkle’s challenge? How is Brown going to transform the education system? How is the city going to get the revenue for the $40 billion worth of unfunded pension liabilities? Is she still the target of any federal investigations? Cook County Circuit Court Clerk and mayoral candidate, Dorothy Brown joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Chicago's Closed Network

Illinois' political and business leaders rarely change. How does that affect the state – and in particularly the city of Chicago – from a national perspective? On this edition of Illinois Rising, Dan Proft and Illinois Policy Marketing Manager Eric Kohn discuss the political and policy implications from the state being closed off to new leaders, new ideas and innovation. Proft and Kohn get analysis from angel investor Jeff Carter, and Wirepoints' Mark Glennon to discuss the state's several municipal pension crises. Proft and Kohn also discuss the death threats one Illinois lawmaker made against another's family on the statehouse floor – to not enough outrage.








Chance The Rapper’s Mayoral Candidate: Amara Enyia

Should voters consider who should be the mayor rather than who could? How does Amara Enyia differ from the other progressive candidates in the mayoral race? How has celebrity support changed her campaign? Why does she think a public bank run by a bankrupt Chicago government could ever be a good idea? Mayoral candidate, Amara Enyia joins Dan and Amy to discuss her platform and high profile supporters like Chance the Rapper and Kanye West.

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Paying For The Sins Of Failed Politicians

How are mayoral candidates supposed to navigate the racial/identity politics of Chicago? Are the Democrats in the City cannibalizing themselves due to identity politics? Is there a chance to shrink city government without raising property taxes? Are Chicagoans paying for the sins for politicians? Is more revenue from dope and gambling the path to prosperity in Chicago? Mayoral candidate, Paul Vallas joins Dan and Amy to discuss his financial plan. 

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Van Dyke Prosecutor: Tragedies All Around

Did the end of the Van Dyke trial mark a new beginning for Chicago? Will the implications of this case extend beyond Chicago? How did the jury conclude that none of the 16 shots were lawful? Could Van Dyke face as few as six years? Kane County State’s Attorney and special prosecutor in the Van Dyke trial, Joe McMahon joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Van Dyke’s Attorney: “Wouldn’t Change A Thing”

Does the defense regret putting Van Dyke on the stand? Will the verdict lead to the Ferguson effect in Chicago? Are police officers now security guards? How does Van Dyke explain why no other officers fired their weapons on the scene? Van Dyke’s Defense Attorney, Dan Herbert joins Dan and Amy to discuss the verdict.

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Vallas’ Financial Plan For Chicago

Is Chicago the worst governed big city in the country? How can the City incentivize people to invest in low-income areas if they are unsafe? Is Vallas suggesting taking advantage of the tax incentives in the Trump tax bill? Why aren’t we scaling already proven successful models? Can he promise to cap property taxes if elected? Chicago mayoral candidate, Paul Vallas joins Dan and Amy to discuss. 

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McCarthy: Public Servant Not A Politician

According to Gary McCarthy, Rahm and his corporate counsel engaged in a cover-up (on the civil side) of the Laquan McDonald case to suppress video, including a $5 million payout to family. So who really was responsible for the entire fiasco? What does he plan to do for police and fire pensions that are only funded at 20-25%? Is Rahm’s idea of borrowing more to pay off debt a good idea? Former CPD Superintendent and current mayoral candidate, Garry McCarthy joins Dan and Amy to discuss the Van Dyke trial and his candidacy.

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Competing Clown Shows On Capitol Hill

Does the anonymous op-ed prove there are people who believe more in the preservation of the political class than the agenda of the people? Is silence and prayer the remedy to the Church’s sexual abuse scandal as suggested by Pope Francis? Is it hard to be optimistic about the possibility of having an even worse mayor in Chicago and governor in Illinois? CNN Contributor, Steve Cortes joins Dan to discuss.

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What’s The Solution To Economic Inequality In Chicago?

Is Rahm’s parting gift to Chicago laying on more debt to our children and grandchildren? Is it excessive to have officers report every time they take their gun out of the holster? Is the violence in Chicago “contained” like Superintendent Johnson claims? Does Dr. Willie Wilson have enough money to hand out to stay in the Chicago mayor's race? Dr. Wilson joins Dan to discuss.

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Cupich Behaving Like A Politician

Cardinal Cupich says the abuse scandal is not about sex. Why is Cupich acting like a politician? What was Cupich’s response to the criticisms of his interview on NBC that he had read to all the churches in the diocese? Dan and Amy are joined by the object of Cardinal Cupich's convenient ire, NBC-5 reporter Mary Ann Ahern.

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Changing The Guard In Chicago’s Mayoral Race

“If you didn’t have the guts to run for mayor of Chicago when Rahm was in office, what will make the public believe that you have the guts to make tough decisions to move the city forward.” Is it a new day in Chicago or same old day with a new face? Does the city need a problem solver rather than another politician? Paul Vallas joins Dan and Amy to make the case that it’s him you should want.

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Was Operation Shutdown O’Hare A Success?

Will shutdown theater finally get up to the North Shore to protest a Gordon Lightfoot concert at Ravinia or a New Trier HS polo match? What does winning look like for the organizers of the protests? Why throw away public money when the streets are not safe and businesses don't want to come? Founder of Coalition for a New Chicago, Rev. Gregory Livingston joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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City Braces For Violent Protests Awaiting The Van Dyke Trial

Does the city need a guilty verdict in the Van Dyke trial to avoid riots? Should they start educating the community and offering counseling now if once the facts are presented he will be acquitted? Former Chicago Police Officer, Brian Warner joins Dan and Amy to discuss the upcoming Jason Van Dyke trial and reflect on his own encounter where he had to fire his weapon.

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Chicago FOP President: Van Dyke Will Be Found Not Guilty

Former CPD officer Jason Van Dyke speaks for the first time since his shooting of Laquan McDonald and in advance of his murder trial. Are we going to get answers surrounding the reason for the 16 shots? What about the chatter of Van Dyke using racially charged language? Chicago FOP President, Kevin Graham joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Funds And Guns

“The best thing they can do is to find a way to get out.” 80% of the victims of the violence in Chicago have been black men, but has it always been this way? How do you teach someone to value someone else’s life when they don’t even value their own? George Mason University Economics Professor, Walter Williams joins Dan and Shaun Thompson to discuss Chicago's street violence.

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Institutional Abuse

Sexual abuse of children whether it is in the Catholic Church or Chicago Public Schools should and does spark outrage. But from who? There are calls for a reckoning in both institutions, but what happens when the stories blow over or the interest, especially in CPS, just isn’t there? Dan and Amy discuss the disturbing reports coming out of Pennsylvania detailing the over 70 years of abuse against the backdrop of the most recent allegations surfacing from CPS.

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Trauma Filled Communities

What should we be doing about the violence in Chicago that we’re not doing? Is there a community-wide discussion about taking care of your household? Are too many felons returning to their communities with no opportunities to be reintegrated into society? Do residents of the south and west sides want help from the National Guard? State Rep. LaShawn Ford from the Austin neighborhood joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Wanted: Fathers And Effective Policing

Will anything change in Chicago until men are expected to marry the mother of their children and take responsibility? Why is the completely unnecessary consent decree diverting away more resources to hire new cops? What is another way CPD could rebuild trust and present a counter narrative to the rhetoric from Black Lives Matter? Contributing Editor for City Journal and author of “The War on Cops,” Heather MacDonald joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Solutions For America’s Mass-Shooting Capital

What measures are going to be effective in reducing violence in Chicago? When will Madigan and the Chicago Democrat power structure be called out for their takeover of black neighborhoods and inability to stop the violence in Chicago? Is demanding safer neighborhoods and calling for a de-escalation of police intrinsically contrary? Reverend Greg Livingston joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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