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The End Of Chicago

On April 2nd, Chicago will make history with its first duly-elected black, female mayor—and likely its first lesbian mayor.

The real significance of the election will be to signal the completion of Chicago’s transition from The Superfans to The SuperFrench; from Grabowskis in hard hats to political mobsters sporting soft cuticles.

The two mayoral finalists are distinctions without a difference. One argues for taxing hotels to publicly fund artists while the other advocates for taxing everything from sugary drinks to bullets.

Chicago has gone from the City That Works to the city that works you over.

Middle-income families have declined three-fold in the last two decades.

Black families are fueling a second Great Migration, this time away from Chicago.

Chicago was always a cut me in or cut it out town.

The kleptocrats cut in the Socialists to the exclusion of all else. So that’s all who’s left.

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Is the upcoming mayoral election a paradigm-shift or personality contest? Why hasn’t the CPS sex abuse scandal received more public attention? What’s his detailed plan to revamp the police force? What are his thoughts on expanding school choice in the city? Paul Vallas joins Dan and Amy to discuss his candidacy.

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Resolving Chicago's Debt Crisis: Source Not Size

Right now, Chicago taxpayers are stuck with a seventy-one billion dollar debt load. That means every household is on the hook for eighty-two thousand dollars in government debt. As staggering as that number is, it's not the real issue with Chicago's debt. Pat Hughes explains in this episode of Dollars and Sense. 


Businesses Will Be Punished

In Chicago, if you start a business, work hard, stay disciplined, plan wisely---and do well as a result---you will be punished.

Right now, a group of Chicago aldermen, led by Carlos Ramirez-Rosa, are attempting to revive the employer’s expense tax to bail out Chicago Public Schools. Under Ramirez-Rosa’s plan, businesses that employ over fifty people would have to pay a thirty-three dollar “head tax” for each employee. On top of every other tax---property, income, whatever.

Pat Hughes dissects the Chicago political classes' newest tax on this edition of Two Minute Warning.


Jim Iuorio: I Am An Unapologetic Bull For The Market & The Economy w/ Trump As President

On this edition of Against The Current, CNBC Analyst Jim Iuorio joins Dan Proft to discuss everything from Donald Trump's economic team to Illinois' pension crisis. 

Dan and Jim cover what the stock market's performance says about Trump's chances of achieving structural reforms, the future of manufacturing in the U.S., and taxing robots to pay for government services. 

Jim explains why he is optimistic about the market and the economy but cautions that Trump only has 30 days to make progress on his promise to roll back regulations and reform the tax code. 
And Jim shares his personal experience dealing with well water testing regulations to demonstrate one of Dan's iron laws of public policy: predatory government prevents the poor from obtaining more.

Dan and Jim explore these and many other topics in this installment of Against the Current.

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Your Tax Dollars Pay $400k To One Family - Each Year

You've been warned.

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Predatory Government Targets The Poor

One of my iron laws of public policy is predatory government prevents the poor from obtaining more.

Juan Carlos Montes de Oca is a cosmetology student in Tuscon. AZ, under investigation by the state’s licensing board for giving free haircuts to homeless men and women at a local park.

The prohibitive fines imposed by speeding and red light cameras in Chicago has made the Bankruptcy Court in the Northern District of Illinois the national leader for non-business chapter 13 filings three years running. Nearly half of bankruptcy filers listed the Chicago Parking Bureau as a creditor.

Declining sales resulting from the soda tax in Philadelphia has one of the city’s largest beverage distributors looking to cut 20% of its workforce and grocery stores across the city following suit.

In each instance, government is aligned against the interests of its constituents.

In each instance, government preys on those least able to withstand economic hardship—those living paycheck-to-paycheck and those seeking their first paycheck.

The Left sells their regressive tax and regulatory policies as protective. In fact, they are exploitive.

And as F.A. Hayek said, to be controlled in our economic pursuits is to be controlled in everything. 

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Chicago's Bag Tax Scam

Pat Hughes joined WVON'S Dorothy Tucker to discuss the flawed roll-out of Chicago's latest tax scheme, and how it disproportionately hurts low-income families.

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