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Dan Proft’s Parenting Tips

What are the questions you have to ask yourself before you have kids? Should you have kids based on the political climate at the time? Should you prepare your child for the road or prepare the road for your child? Dan and Amy discuss.

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“Riches Cannot Bring You Happiness”

Orphaned as a child, living on the streets begging for food, Dr. Charles Mully was graciously taken in by a family and went on to make millions. He said he answered God’s call to give back and has rescued more than 12,000 homeless, abused, or orphaned children in Kenya. He is helping those who started out as he did so one day they can get to where he is now. Dr. Charles Mully, Founder and CEO of Mully Children’s family, joins Dan and Amy to discuss his remarkable story.

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American Boys 14x More Likely To Be On Medication For ADHD Than British Boys

Why are boys adrift and how can we get them to drift? Why are boys unmotivated and underachieving? Is it due to parenting, video games, or overmedicating? Why are so many kids in America on medication for ADHD compared to other countries? Is big business to blame? Author of “Why Gender Matters, Boys Adrift, Girls on the Edge” and the New York Times bestseller “The Collapse of Parenting”, Leonard Sax joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Dan Proft & Jacob Huebert

On this edition of "Illinois Rising", Dan Proft and Jacob Huebert, Senior Attorney with the Liberty Justice Center, discuss a teacher strike in McHenry County, a strike by Chicago taxi drivers that went largely unnoticed, and child care providers who were forced to pay fees to a government union.