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Make School Hard Again

How does grade inflation damage the quality of students entering the workforce? Does grade inflation harm the more rigorous schools? Is it more condescending to hold people to higher or lower standards? George Mason University Economics Professor, John VC Nye joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Free Trade And Free Minds

Can free traders be happy that the threat of tariffs actually worked with Mexico? What colleges are still committed to intellectual diversity? Professor of economics at George Mason University, Walter Williams joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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University Of Chicago’s Fight To Fund Abortions

Why are mandatory student life fees being used to fund abortions? Why do students have to fund a practice they are morally opposed to? Brett Barbin, a University of Chicago undergrad, joins Dan and Amy to discuss his experience being the target of the pro-abortion mob after he propsed removing the funding of abortions from student life fees.

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A Message To The Class Of 2019

I've been a bit disappointed with some of the commencement addresses this year.

So: I've done a bit of work on my own.

For the distinguished college graduates:

Being a college graduate doesn't distinguish you. Neither does your adversity score nor your diversity quotient.

What will distinguish you in this life are the interpersonal and intellectual connections you make.

What will distinguish you is your contribution.

Do you believe truth exists outside of yourself? Do you seek it? Will you act in furtherance of what you know to be true in your personal and professional lives?

There are four Cardinal Virtues.

There are eight Beatitudes.

There are Ten Commandments.

If you learn and live these rules of the road of life, you will achieve success on your own terms and grow into the best expression of yourself.

You will have lived a distinguished life.

Congratulations, class of 2019! 

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Strength In Weakness

Will the Adversity SAT inflict more adversity on its intended beneficiaries? Why are young people taught to celebrate victimhood rather than resilience? Is the adversity score good for diversity bureaucrats but bad for students? Contributing editor for City Journal, Heather MacDonald joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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No Adults In Charge

Will the new adversity score on the SAT level the playing field for prospective college students? Are employers not able to gauge the abilities of graduates entering the workforce? Are professors scared of their students and know they won’t get any support from administrators? Will social media regulation create a monopoly? Retired NYU professor, Mike Rectenwald joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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"Young, Stupid And Overconfident" Entrepreneurs

Do young entrepreneurs these days not realize there are no shortcuts to success? Are young people a product of the helicopter parents and the over reassuring professors that created them? How will businesses have to train young workers from a cultural standpoint? Executive Director of the Kaplan Institute, Howard Tullman joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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War Against White People

Has hate not been done away with but switched to the other direction? Why are young minds buying into this nonsense to take responsibility for actions they had nothing to do with? McGill University Anthropology Professor, Phillip Carl Zalzman joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Predatory Government Student Loans

What’s the number one driver of high college tuition costs? What about in states like Illinois where the university system is always crying that they need more funding? Why are we encouraging young students to take out massive loans to earn a degree that might not pay off? Heritage Foundation Education Policy Analyst, Mary Clare Amselem joins Dan and Kristen McQueary to discuss.

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No More Free Speech At Duke University

There’s so much emphasis on attending college but does anyone pay attention to what is going on on campus? How did a professor who was ranked in the top three most popular professors on campus lose his job? Duke University Public Policy professor, Evan Charney joins Dan and Amy to explain how he got fired from Duke.

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Death Of Liberal Arts

Is a liberal arts education still important? Why are universities with billions of dollars in endowments cutting educational programs for students? Are universities set up for the adults in the system and not student development? Tulsa University Philosophy Professor, Jacob Howland joins Dan and Amy to discuss the death of liberal arts at his university and in higher education generally.

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Chasing Prestige

Will there ever be an alternative to the current college admissions process that would make everybody happy? Isn’t it sad that some parents think it’s necessary for their kids to attend these prestigious schools in order to have a decent, fulfilling life? Senior Editor at National Review, Jay Nordlinger joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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College Tuition Costs Skyrocketing

Why are costs blowing up at universities? What are they spending all that money on? What are the new taxes being proposed to prop up social security? Haven’t climate alarmists been making end of the world predictions for decades? Chief Economist at CNN, Steve Moore joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Operation “Varsity Blues” Fallout

Should the college admissions process change? Why do students and parents have such disbelief in their own abilities and lack of personal integrity? Will the “Varsity Blues” case start to tarnish reputations and show how actually unprestigious some of these colleges are? Retired NYU professor, Mike Rectenwald joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Performative “Wokeness”

Are we all on a college campus now? How were millennials and college grads granted so much power? Do most not buy into the social justice agenda but just see it as the cost of doing business? Associate Editor at the Spectator, Toby Young joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Corporate Leftism

Would the Green New Deal destroy the American economy resulting in government dependance? Is social justice a new religion and thus be treated as so? Did moderates within the Democratic party expect the party to go so far left? Is the big five’s ubiquitousness nature in our lives erring on the side of authoritarianism? Retired NYU professor and author, Mike Rectenwald joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Case Of Grave Injustice

What was the difference between the media's coverage of the Covington Catholic High school boys compared to the other high school kids who were celebrated as activists? Are reporters trying to blame social media rather than their rush to judgement to smear these kids? President of the National Association of Scholars, Peter Wood joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Deifying Diversity

Are pro-lifers no longer welcome at Wheaton College? Why aren’t College Republicans able to express themselves and their perspective the same way a few members of the faculty and student government are able to? What’s the argument against the importance of “black lives matter” inside and outside of the womb? Founder of the Radiance Foundation, Ryan Bomberger joins Dan and Amy to discuss his experience at Wheaton College.

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#MeToo Backfiring

Will #MeToo encourage more false allegations? If men are "toxic" then why shouldn't women be able to falsely accuse them since they're intrinsically bad? What about teaching your children about the presumption of innocence? Are women led to believe the pains of regret are equal to rape? Why are campuses obsessed with teaching students to see themselves as victims? Contributing editor at City Journal, Heather MacDonald joins Dan and Kristen McQueary to discuss. 

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#MeToo Movement Used As Political Weapon

Are the smears and attacks aimed at Kavanaugh a new low for our country? How is it that the most important event in these women’s lives is not coming out until 30 years later? Why are parents still getting fooled by the Ivy League’s reputation when they are nothing short of totalitarian institutions? Do we need to step back and laugh at the antics from the left but continue to fight back? The host of “Socrates In The City” and author, Eric Metaxas joins Dan and Amy to discuss

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