Democrats' Fake Reform

Lawmakers are trying to rush a budget at the end of special session, so House Democrats finally put forth a plan, which includes a property tax freeze. But the plan offers no real relief for struggling taxpayers. On this edition of Illinois Rising, Dan Proft and Pat Hughes break this down with WirePoints.com's Mark Glennon, and discuss what real property tax relief should look like. They also discuss the soon-to-be insolvent Chicago police pension, and waste throughout Chicago Public Schools, as well as financial recklessness at the county level.








Chicago Police Chief On Violence, DOJ, Trump

What is the state of Chicago police morale? Will Chicago police effort to conduct more investigatory stops after a severe drop-off in 2016? Why was the civilian political leadership of Chicago given a free pass by the Department of Justice in their report? Is the performance of Chicago police and the safety on Chicago streets really mostly a matter of training? What role/responsibility does the Cook County States' Attorney's Office and the U.S. Attorney's Office have in aiding Chicago police? Eddie Johnson tackles these and other questions when he joined Dan & Amy.

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Dan Proft & Lauren Cohn

Governor Rauner delivered his Budget Address to a state with no budget. Gallup finds that not only is Illinois losing one resident every five minutes, but nearly half the people still in the state want to leave. Illinois’ budget impasse has left a lot of people suffering, but state legislators, who have secured funding for their own salaries, are not among them. Lauren Cohn, a former reporter in both Philadelphia and Chicago, shares her impressions of Mayor Emanuel’s decision to hire Charles Ramsey, retired Philadelphia Police Department commissioner, to advise the embattled Chicago Police Department on civil rights issues. It’s baaaack: Even though SB 1229, which would have stripped Gov. Rauner of his negotiating ability with AFSCME, failed in September, Democrats are proposing identical legislation again.

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