culture of corruption

Stockholm Syndrome Plaguing Chicago Voters

Will there finally be a reckoning for those in power in Chicago? Are all of the political lords going to start turning on each other? What will it take to change the political culture in the city and state? Dan and Amy discuss the latest Sun Times' story reporting on FBI tapes of Madigan and Danny Solis’ unique interests and habits while alderman.

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A Vote For Any IL Democrat Is A Vote For Madigan

Are the Kavanaugh hearings affecting state and local races? Is Susana Mendoza trying to win one election to only vacate it and run for another? Despite what’s happened to the state, why are Republicans still losing ground in the suburbs? How can Republicans get voters to connect the dots to understand a vote for any Democrat is a vote for Madigan? Candidate for state Comptroller, Darlene Senger joins Dan and Lauren Cohn to discuss.

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$53 Million Embezzled In Dixon

In 2012, Dixon, Illinois had more than $53 million embezzled from the city’s budget by the appointed comptroller. The ensuing investigation and breaking story is said to involve the largest municipal fraud in US history. A CPA, professor at Depaul, and documentarian, Kelly Richmond Pope joins Dan and Amy to discuss the story of political fraud that served as the source material for Pope’s latest film “All the Queen’s Horses.”

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Political Ruling Class Destroying Your Home Value

The political ruling class in Illinois wants you to believe you own your home. But aren’t you essentially renting it from the government when paying an upwards of 3% of home value in property taxes? Why is your home collateral for someone else’s pension? Dan and Amy discuss the latest devastating property tax report from Kane County.  

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I Won't Resign

There are four stages to classic attempts to discredit the victims of bullying, harassment and abuse: Deny their claims are true, isolate the victim, attack their credibility, and dismiss them. At this point, there is no way to deny the culture of harassment in state government. As more
women come forward, there’s no longer a way to isolate them or claim their accounts are false.
Therefore, the only thing left for Speaker Madigan to do is dismiss them. Pat Hughes explains in this week's Two Minute Warning.