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Sanders Floating Around Population Control

Why are Democrats advocating for taxpayers to fund abortions in other countries? Most other countries are putting restrictions on abortion, what does that say about the culture in the United States? Is this eugenics on a large scale? Is education a better use of taxpayer dollars than abortion? President of Culture of Life Africa and Keynote speaker at the Aid for Women banquet, Obianuju Ekeocha joins Dan and Amy to discuss. More details on the banquet here: https://www.helpaidforwomen.org/dinner2019

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Colbert & Cooper On Suffering

"You said, what punishments of God are not gifts. Do you really believe that?"


That was a question from CNN's Anderson Cooper and an answer by late night talk show host Stephen Colbert during a most pleasantly shocking interview.

CNN anchors and network TV comedy personalities are not exactly known for their thoughtful treatment of Christianity ... but that's exactly what Colbert and Cooper provided.

Colbert conveyed his understanding of the communal nature of suffering and how it prepares us to better empathize with and provide ministry to others when they experience loss.

He also acknowledged our existence as a gift from God and that suffering is part of that gift. One is tempted to push him on the sanctity of life from conception to natural death given his affirmation.

But I'm happy to go slow here.

As William F. Buckley instructed, we have to leave room for people to come over to our side.

To paraphrase Tom Bodett, we'll leave the light on for Stephen Colbert.

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Support Group For Parents Of Transgender Children

What’s the common thread amongst children who all of a sudden identify as transgender? Why do schools celebrate it instead of questioning it and leaving parents in the dark? How important is it for parents to know they aren’t alone out there and there are other parents who are going through the same thing with their children? Jay Keck, a suburban Chicago resident, is a member of a support group for parents' who have children suddenly identifying as transgender. He joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Media Blames Trump

Is there a noticeable increase in crime and gun use since Trump began his presidency? Since mental health issues and gun ownership have always been a part of American life, why are these issues arising at such an alarming rate? Online opinion editor for the Washington Times, Cheryl Chumley joins Dan and Charles Love to discuss.

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Why is there a conversation about whether or not a woman by law should have to wax a male’s genitals? Why is the obvious controversial these days? Are some activists willing to push their political agenda at the risk of hurting women? Founder of Feminist Current, Meghan Murphy joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Stripped Of Title For Conservative Views

Why was Miss Michigan stripped of her title for tweets? Is there a mainstream bias against conservative women? University of Michigan student, Kathy Zhu joins Dan and Amy to discuss why she was stripped of her Miss Michigan title and what she plans to do next.

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Everything Is Racist

Are we living in two Americas? Is the ‘Squad” not fulfilling their roles as congresswomen but rather grandstanding and championing their own celebrity? In today’s standards, is virtue dependent on not what someone does but the color of their skin? New Criterion Editor, Roger Kimball joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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The Trouble With Transgenderism

Transgender is a relatively new phenomenon that is taking a hold of American life. More and more people are coming out as transgender and creating 100s of pronouns. Senior fellow at American’s Principle Project, Jane Robbins joins Dan and Amy to discuss the growing transgender population and how we as Americans should understand the issues that come with it.

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Marxism In The Guise Of Liberty

Do cultural marxists believe that society must impose totalitarianism to achieve liberation? Is Google assisting China in censorship? Is anyone willing to explore the toxic roots of cultural ideas in order to “unlearn hate?” Dickinson College Associate Professor, Crispin Sartwell joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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2020: A Choice Between Two Bernies

In a sense the 2020 race is shaping up as a choice between two Bernies. 

A Right Bernie and a Left Bernie. 

Do you like the Capitalist Bernie or the Bolshevik Bernie?

These two Bernies have neatly defined the choice in 2020.

On the one hand is Home Depot founder, the creator of a half-million jobs, and billionaire Bernie Marcus who is spending his golden years giving away his money to worthy causes.

On the other hand is Soviet devotee Sen. Bernie Sanders who is spending his golden years the same way he spent his formative ones---giving away other people’s money.

Bernie Marcus is an unabashed Trump supporter undeterred by threats of a Home Depot boycott by Marxist mobsters.

Bernie Sanders is an unrepentant redistributionist who said on Meet the Press recently his goal is “to make the poor richer and the rich poorer.”

Bernie Marcus doesn’t believe helping people is a zero-sum proposition.

Bernie Sanders believes everything should be free except freedom.

Which Bernie will you support in 2020?

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The Case Against Jeffrey Epstein

The world was rocked at the disgusting allegations that Jeffrey Epstein is facing regarding his trafficking of young girls. Will there be some more indictments of powerful men as more of the details are revealed? American Thinker’s Thomas Lifson joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Putting Family First

Has society been not only feminizing men, but also masculating women? Should parents be choosing their job over their children? Is missing most of your child's life in pursuit of a successful career worthwhile? Dan and Amy discuss the article, “America Needs a Family First Movement."

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Girls Competing Against Biological Males

What is the argument on behalf of young female athletes who do not want to compete against biological males? What has the backlash been like for the female athlete who willingly put her name on the lawsuit to question the “fairness” of having men compete in women’s high school sports? Legal counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom, Denise Harle joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Gender Politics For First Graders

Why is gender politics part of the curriculum for first graders? How did children in onr classroom react when their teacher told them boys and girls are not real? What is one parent doing now after her school defended this sort of “education?” Mother of two daughters at the school, Pam Buffone joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Reparations For All

Should we pay reparations for all the wrongs made to all different groups of people throughout the existence of the United States? Are these discussions just about pandering for more votes for the Democratic Party? Former NFL great, Burgess Owens joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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A Step Back For Life In Illinois

How do pro-lifers promote the movement in a positive way despite the violence promoted by the other side? Are pro-aborts proud of Illinois’ new status as “the beacon of women’s reproductive health care?” Is abortion good for business as a group of CEOs claim it is? Ambassador for Live Action, Samantha Kamman joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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The Utilities Of Civility

How bad do you think things are? Should that frame how conservatives take on the culture war in our country? Do Christians have a duty to stand up for what they object to and what they want to see for the country? Is “common ground” a total fantasy in dealing with those on the Left? First Things’ Editor, Rusty Reno joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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The Antipathy To Instagram Foodies

Did C.S. Lewis actually predict Instagram? Is it hard for modern society to see past the material world and what they see on Instagram? Columnist, Chadwick Moore joins Dan and Amy to discuss.  

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The Need For A Spiritual Reawakening

Is the war on Christianity the more deeper and problematic battle? Is there a political solution for these problems? Do Christians need a “reawakening?” Is it possible that the pro-life movement could spark a revitilzation of Christians? Senior fellow at the Discovery Institute, Scott Powell joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Death With Dignity

How is supporting assisted suicide laws the caring approach? Why is society putting emotion before reason? Are we on the path to redefining the Hippocratic oath? Dan and Amy discuss assisted suicide laws and a case of a young girl in the Netherlands.

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