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“No Safe Spaces”

Are “safe spaces” no longer just on college campuses but prevalent in society at large? Does social media allow people to stay in their own bubble? Are there still people on both sides of the aisle who believe in free speech? Filmmaker, Mark Joseph joins Dan and Amy to discuss his movie “No Safe Spaces” starring Dennis Prager  and Adam Corolla.

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Prager U Vs. YouTube And Google

YouTube deems Prager University videos to be inappropriate for people under the age of 18 because their videos violate the “community guidelines.” Prager U defiantly denies these claims saying they are being treated differently than the other youtube users who have signed the same contract. Are Google and YouTube public forums, therefore, subject to the First Amendment? Prager University CEO,  Marissa Streit joins Dan and Amy to discuss their suit and the power of social media and search engine companies.

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Special Edition: Salem Radio National Host Dennis Prager Torches The Left

On a special edition of "Against The Current", Salem Radio Network Dennis Prager was in Chicago for a "Cigar Night" with AM 560 listeners at which Dan Proft did a 90-minute one-on-one with Prager for the makeshift studio audience.

Prager explained how conservatives should look at the choice between Trump and Hillary, gave his take on the most important fact of the last 100 years, opined on social conservatism, and offered a most compelling treatise on the joy of cigar smoking.

One of the great minds of conservatism and one of the most important voices on radio, Dennis Prager, on this special edition of ATC.

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