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Balloon Tax Payments

No one can escape high property taxes in Illinois, even those in Dupage County. Just a reminder, other states with lower property taxes have schools and provide government services. Dan and Amy discuss the latest property tax report in Dupage County.

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EPA Evidence Free Sterigenics Scare

What should the EPA do to ease the minds of Dupage County residents who have unanswered questions and don’t know if the air they’re breathing is safe? Are the suits being filed by Dupage County and Lisa Madigan’s office against Sterigenics have any merit? Is the typical backyard grill more dangerous than the chemicals being used at Sterigenics? Environmental adviser to the Heartland Institute, Rich Trzupek joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Where Does Sterigenics Go To Get Their Reputation Back?

The EPA admits it had no evidence to support its Sterigenics scare, but that won't stop the Left's witch hunt. Is the Chicago press corps or any politicians going to apologize or correct the record for creating hysteria of a cancer scare in those communities? Why did they target that company in that district right before an election? Dan and Amy discuss the continuing Sterigenics controversy.

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Will Sterigenics Get An Apology?

Do you ever have to apologize if you’re a government bureaucrat or a member of the Chicago press corps for false reporting? The EPA says they may have mistested the air samples from Sterigenics that Democrat politicians seized upon to berate Rauner and other Republican candidates. Do the residents in the western suburbs deserve an apology for the political fear mongering of a cancer scare? Dan and Amy discuss new reports coming from the EPA regarding Sterigenics.

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Dan Proft & Pat Hughes

On this edition of “Illinois Rising”, Dan Proft and Pat Hughes, Co-Founder, Illinois Opportunity Project, discuss State Rep. David McSweeney’s plan to keep and grow manufacturing jobs in Illinois, DuPage County’s burdensome startup costs forcing retailers to leave the county, the constitutionality of forcing agency fees on teachers who don’t want unions to represent them and more.

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