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"Young, Stupid And Overconfident" Entrepreneurs

Do young entrepreneurs these days not realize there are no shortcuts to success? Are young people a product of the helicopter parents and the over reassuring professors that created them? How will businesses have to train young workers from a cultural standpoint? Executive Director of the Kaplan Institute, Howard Tullman joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Never Too Late To Blossom

Why is society fixated on peaking in your 20s? Is self doubt a good thing? Is youth really wasted on the young? Forbes publisher, Rich Karlgaard joins Dan and Amy to discuss his new book, “Late Bloomers."

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Entrepreneurship and Aspiration

Is entrepreneurship the pathway to success and opportunity for minority families? Robert Blackwell, Founder of Killerspin, says that people move from poverty to prosperity through entrepreneurship, appreciation of education, and social capital. And entrepreneurship, which drives aspiration, can provide a roadmap to opportunity and success for minority communities in Chicago.