Consumer Centric

Should we look at trade through the lens of the producer or consumer? Is General Motors making the right decision? What products are being subsidized by American taxpayers currently? What are the benefits of protectionism? How will the tariff trade war with China end? Mark Perry, Professor of economics and finance at the University of Michigan & Carpe Diem blogger for the American Enterprise Institute, joins Dan & Amy with reaction to Trump's tariff talk.


Is Chicago Ready for a New Political Paradigm? ATC with ABC-7 Political Reporter Charles Thomas

For black families, is the civil rights struggle over and the economic struggle taking center stage? Will such a transition bring new leaders to the fore? On this week's Against The Current (ATC), venerable ABC-7 Political Reporter Charles Thomas argues that conversations are happening in Chicago's black neighborhoods that haven't been had in a long time which opens up the possibility for substantial political changes.

Why is President Obama returning to Springfield? What is he likely to say? What will be the implications of his visit?

Thomas and Proft cover this ground and more on this week's ATC.

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