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The Burke Four

Are the Burke Four (Chico, Daley, Mendoza, Preckwinkle) just status quo opportunists who joined the race after Rahm announced he wasn’t running? How can we expect change from a corrupt system? Is the Chicago media to blame for covering up corruption in City Hall and impeding entrepreneurs? Are things put in affidavits not there by accident? Chicago Tribune columnist, John Kass joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Stockholm Syndrome Plaguing Chicago Voters

Will there finally be a reckoning for those in power in Chicago? Are all of the political lords going to start turning on each other? What will it take to change the political culture in the city and state? Dan and Amy discuss the latest Sun Times' story reporting on FBI tapes of Madigan and Danny Solis’ unique interests and habits while alderman.

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Who’s Ready To Be Chicago’s Next Mayor?

Is Preckwinkle the biggest target in the mayor’s race? Is there still a need for 50 aldermen? Who are the rich people that the teacher’s union is demanding money from? The potential gambling and marijuana revenue won’t be here in time for the first few city budgets of the next mayor so how are they going to balance the budget? Chicago Tribune Editorial board member, Kristen McQueary joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Feudalism At City Hall

Would Chicago still be a Trump free zone under a potential Mayor Chico? Does he think his friend, Ed Burke, should step down? Is bad behavior of alderman enabled by the way the City Council is set up? What does Chico want to do to raise revenue but lower property taxes? How does he intend on rooting out the systemic abuse at CPS? Mayoral candidate, Gery Chico joins Dan and Amy to discuss. 

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Chicago’s Attack On Taxpayers

Was Alderman Burke extorting business owners just for his love of the city? Should Burke and Munoz who is accused of domestic violence by his wife be bounced from City Council? How many more businesses and jobs would there be if it wasn’t for the corrupt culture in Chicago? Who is being shut out of the government in Chicago? Mayoral candidate and state representative, LaShawn Ford joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Tonia Khouri: An Experienced, Principled, Conservative Leader

In a Republican primary one candidate is being supported by Alderman Ed Burke and the Chicago Machine. We can’t afford to elect another Republican who will side with the Democrats and surrender on the reforms our state so desperately needs. In this week's Two Minute Warning, Pat Hughes explains whose behind Nic Zito's campaign, and why you should vote for Tonia Khouri.


With Increasing Taxes, Chicago Is Proving To Be A Terrible Place For Startups & Entrepreneurs

On this edition of Illinois Rising, Dan Proft & Jacob Huebert, Lead Counsel with The Liberty Justice Center, talk with an at-home childcare provider who has been fighting unions for more than a decade. They also talk about the argument for and against driverless cars and what is says about Chicago’s acceptance of innovative ideas. Finally, could Chicago really start taxing sugary drinks? And if they do, it’s not for health reasons. 

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Ald. Ed Burke Explains Ban On Driverless Cars, Calls Pitt. Mayor An Autocrat Of A Small City Who Doesn't Care About His Residents' Safety

14th Ward Ald. Ed Burke who has served on Chicago's City Council since America was a forest joined Dan & Amy to explain his pre-emptive strike against driverless Uber in Chicago on safety and job protection grounds. And the discussion was quite spirited...

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