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An Inside Look At Diana Rauner's Political Influence

Newly leaked emails show just how influential First Lady Diana Rauner was in moving the governor's office to the left, and making political calculations to try and improve the governor's image despite policy failures. On this week's "Illinois Rising" Pat Hughes and Brian Timpone talk to Edgar County Watchdogs' Kirk Allen about the newly obtained info, and what it tells Illinoisans about the inner workings of the governor's office. Hughes and Timpone also talk to Joshua Griffith, who is challenging sitting Republican state Rep. Norine Hammond, about his race railing against tax hikes. Also this week – what would a progressive tax mean for your family? A new proposal in Springfield shows income taxes going up on just about everyone.








Diana Not Bruce Rauner Is In Charge

What is the “protocol” for the First Lady signing off on bills? Are the Rauners on the verge of being caught mixing their political operatives and taxpayer-funded state employees in violation of state law? Do Republicans not care about getting stabbed in the back by Rauner but more about his checkbook? Dan and Amy discuss the latest report from the Edgar County watchdogs whose emails from the First Lady may determine who’s really in charge, and it’s not Gov. Rauner.

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State's Attorney Uses Illegal Slush Fund To Buy Luxury SUV For Wife

The most feared men in Illinois might be your local watchdog group. Ask the Mayor who was caught using taxpayer money to buy a plane ticket to Japan for his girlfriend. Although the establishment Springfield and Chicago media corps would rather not report on these issues, a couple of average citizens from Edgar County are starting to garner the attention of national media outlets. Citizen journalists Kirk Allen and John Kraft of the Edgar County Watchdogs, some of the most hated men in Illinois (by corrupt politicians), join Dan and Kristin to discuss the outrageous corruption they have unmasked, the accessibility of Illinois’ FOIA requests, and what it is going to take to drain the Illinois swamp.

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Edgar County Watchdogs Fight Corruption With 2 Qs: Who Says? What's The Proof?

Kirk Allen, co-founder, Edgar County Watchdogs, joined Dan & Amy to discuss how his organization is investigating and forcing out corrupt politicians - on both sides of the aisle. Allen said, “Often the attorneys representing the elected officials don’t read the laws or comply by them.” 

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