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What Happened To The Blue Collar Worker

What are the biggest challenges seen in businesses today? Is there a lack of people out there wanting blue collar jobs? Ken Marrioti, President of Woodland Windows and Doors, joins Dan and Amy to discuss the business.

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Bring Back Jobs. Restore Dignity

In September, Illinois lost over ten-thousand jobs, according to an Illinois Policy Institute report. And the state continues to experience labor force dropout. Employers are giving up on Illinois. Many of our friends and neighbors have also given up on Illinois, leaving for opportunities in other states. In this installment of Dollars and Sense, Pat Hughes explains why giving up Illinois means giving up on ourselves. 


Who Pays For Illinois' "Spoils Of War" Model Of Governance?

In Illinois, winning elections means controlling how resources will be doled out to political friends and allies. The “spoils of war” model has guided budget-making for decades. The new budget that hit Illinoisans with five billion dollars in new taxes does nothing to change that fundamental problem. Pat Hughes discusses on this episode of Dollars and Sense.


You Can't Buy Lager With "Improved Consumer Sentiment"


In June, 222,000 jobs were created. Are we on the cusp of the "Seven Fat Years?" Could Illinois still be dropped to Junk Status despite passing a budget? And what does it mean for the state if a credit rating agency does drop Illinois to junk status? Fox Business Contributor, Scott Shellady joins Dan Proft and Kristin McQueary to rain on sunny jobs numbers.

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Can The US Job Market Get Even Tighter?

US Job Employment numbers have been improving. Where have jobs been added? How would reductions in structural tax rates impact wages and employment? What would he do to substantially change the regulatory framework of government? What is his best Marine LePen quip? CNBC Contributor and columnist for the American Enterprise Institute James Pethokoukis joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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