Mark Cuban To Speak At Judson University

A new speaker series with host Mark Vargas begins at Judson University on May 16 with special guest, Mavericks owner and entrepreneur, Mark Cuban. The conversation will cover business, politics, sports, and everything in between. Will Cuban possibly be announcing his candidacy for President? Mark Vargas joins Dan and Carol Roth with a preview of the event.

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Midwest Performance Cars

What caused a 25 year trader to make a career change and step into the automotive industry? Owner of Midwest Performance Cars, Andy Bizub joins Dan and Amy to discuss his two locations that employ 16 people and do repairs on high end cars.

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Entrepreneurship In Men's Skin Care

Do too many men skip out on a skincare routine? How did a skincare company for men become so successful in just a few years? Dan and Amy are live from Tiege Hanley with founder and CEO, Kelley Thornton.

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Entrepreneurship and Aspiration

Is entrepreneurship the pathway to success and opportunity for minority families? Robert Blackwell, Founder of Killerspin, says that people move from poverty to prosperity through entrepreneurship, appreciation of education, and social capital. And entrepreneurship, which drives aspiration, can provide a roadmap to opportunity and success for minority communities in Chicago.