The Diplomatic Waltz

How will Trump’s “America First” agenda impact the relationship between Trump and Putin? Is Trump trying to get between China and Russia? What is Putin hoping to gain from meeting with Trump? Author of iWar: War and Peace in the Information Age Bill Gertz, joins Dan and Amy.



Should Strzok still have a security clearance? What is the true reason Strzok did not discuss Trump with the media during the election? Will the FBI be able to recover from this scandal? Is it possible to turn off political bias while conducting an investigation? James Fitzgerald, retired FBI special agent, joins Dan and Amy to discuss.


Political Theater

While the investigation continues, Trump meets with Putin. Are the espionage conspiracy accusations all a hoax perpetrated by the FBI? Is this all just political theater guised as an Russian indictment? Most importantly, will Trump declassify the documents needed to end the investigation? Former Chief Asst. U.S. Attorney and Contributing Editor at National Review, Andrew McCarthy joins Dan and Amy to react to Peter Strzok’s testimony and Russian indictments.


A Circus

Did Peter Strzok’s bias impact the Trump investigation? How much damage has Strzok inflicted on the FBI’s image? Will pressure from politicians influence the outcome and end date of the Trump investigation? Ron Hosko, former FBI Assistant Director, joins Dan and Amy to discuss.


Strzok’s Sad Smirk

FBI agent Peter Strzok’s testimony provokes heated and rancorous political altercations. Does his congressional testimony demonstrate a bias against Trump and has it affected his investigation? Meanwhile, what does Trump hope to get out of his meeting with Putin in Helsinki? Author of The Trump White House, Ronald Kessler, joins Dan and Amy to react to Peter Strzok’s testimony and discuss Trump’s trip abroad.


From The Noble Lie To Ignoble Truths

I don’t think Plato had former CIA Director Gen. Michael Hayden’s tweet comparing Trump immigration policy to the Birkenau death camp at Auschwitz in mind when he conceived of the noble lie.

Nor would Plato likely place under the noble lie header the DC press corps’ magical storytelling about a 2-year-old Time magazine cover girl who was separated from her father in Honduras by her mother but never separated from her mother by border patrol or anyone named Trump, not even Peter Fonda’s nemesis, Barron.

Noblesse oblige no more.

The lies told by elites these days are intended to foment social unrest not cohesion.

The ignoble truth is that today’s elites cover their tracks by feeding the public supersized whoppers to stunt their appetites for edifying information and dull their attention spans.

Never mind that the fix was in at FBI. See Trump’s criticism of Comey, et al., as a veiled predicate to martial law.

Never mind that family separation was not new policy at the border and that only the enforcement of it was new. Instead, understand this as an existential battle not for border security but against bigotry.

In other news, Paul Manafort has pled guilty to a violent crime for which he was not charged. ABC News reporting.