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U Of I: Coping With Cuts Or Peddling Propaganda?

Cuts to Higher Education due to the state's budget impasse have University of Illinois' President crying poor. The truth is the State of Illinois provides twice the national average in funding to state colleges and universities. Additionally, University of Illinois' tuition rates are higher than almost every other school in The Big Ten conference. We asked University of Illinois at Chicago students if they could Follow the Logic.

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Lives Worth Choosing

For the past nine years in Iceland, every child diagnosed with Down Syndrome in utero was aborted for that reason. Where does the Pro-Choice community draw the line? See if you can Follow the Logic.

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Fascism And The Left

"You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means."  - The Princess Bride

Those protesting President Trump frequently call him a Fascist. But how much do protestors really understand about Fascist conversions? We headed to Trump Tower to see if protestors could Follow the Logic.

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Does Pro-Life Mean Anti-Woman?

Pro-Life feminist groups were excluded from Women's Marches across the country. Can pro-Life women also be pro-woman, even feminists? We went to a Pro-Life Rally at Planned Parenthood to find out.  

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Progressive Exclusion

Feminist groups excluded thousands of women who might have joined the recent Women's March because of their Pro-Life values. So, what criteria must be met in order to be included? We went to a protest at Trump Tower to see if we could Follow Feminist Logic.  

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University Protests: Activism or Antipathy?

Does the election of a President some find controversial, give protestors the right to resort to more aggressive tactics to make their point? One University of Chicago student thinks so. 

Kathleen Murphy, Dir. of Communications, Illinois Opportunity Project, headed to campus to see if his peers could "Follow The Logic". 

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