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The Race of a Lifetime

Is it odd that during the elections for the 2016 Republican Primary Fox News fully backed Donald Trump and not a more traditional conservative like Ted Cruz? Will Trump have the same or more support from Republicans in 2020 that he had in 2016? Tim Alberta discusses his new book, “American Carnage” with Dan and Amy.

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Fox News Leaning Left?

Is Fox News succumbing to the cultural Marxists? Should conservatives to be concerned about the leadership at the network? Is Fox News under a constant barrage of pressure from advertisers? But if they move too far left, then wouldn’t they lose their audience? Editor and publisher at AmericanThinker.com, Thomas Lifson joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Dems Don’t Want To Answer Questions From Fox News

Does Jack Phillips represent Christians living out their faith more than some of those of the cloth? Is the Democratic Party refusing to do a Primary debate on Fox more of just an insider media bubble fight or a bigger picture issue? National Review columnist and Time Magazine contributor, David French joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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America’s Influence On The World Stage

Is Pakistan the achilles heel for the U.S. in our continuing military presence in Afghanistan? Will Trump confront Putin this weekend at the G20 Summit about the continued threat Russia poses on Ukraine? Will Trump’s trade war with China lead to electoral consequences in 2020? Is the showdown at the border another issue neglected by previous presidents that Trump is willing to take on? Fox & Friends Weekend Host, Pete Hegseth joins Dan and Amy to discuss these topics and the launch of Fox Nation.

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Fox Files Amicus Brief For CNN

Why did Fox file an amicus brief on behalf of CNN in their lawsuit against the White House? Is Trump forcing journalists to reveal their true selves as narcissists? Is the caravan “make believe” or a serious threat? Will Trump get funding for a border wall? When are they going to officially call the elections in Florida and will there be any consequences for officials in Broward County? Anchor of Special Report on Fox News, Bret Baier joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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The Left’s Inability To Confront Violent Illegal Immigrants

Is Lanny Davis going on television to line his own pockets? Should Trump no longer worry about Russian collusion, but is he now vulnerable to the Feds combing through his financial records?  What did Elizabeth Warren have to say about “some girl” in Iowa that Fox News is obsessed with? Who really gave up their principles Never Trumpers or his supporters? Mike Gallagher joins Dan and Kristen McQueary to discuss.

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Trump Taking Amazon To The Woodshed

Is Trump right to make veiled threats against Amazon in defense of one of America's most notorious national public money pits? Is Trump going after bad actors or bad policies? Is the liberal media upset over the Sinclair mission statement because it’s a criticism of their own echo chamber? Will Fox News keep Laura Ingraham on the air and not fold to teenage demagoguery? Associate Editor for Commentary Magazine, Noah Rothman joins Dan and Kristen to discuss.

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Does Trump Revel In His Own Drama?

Is Larry Kudlow going to be a yes man for Trump? Why is the DC press corps now wanting to find wasteful government spending? Is Trump going to end up hiring the whole Fox and Friends crew? Host of The Mike Gallagher Show weekdays 9-11am on AM 560 The Answer, Mike Gallagher joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Comprised Leadership In The FBI

Is the FBI playing politics or purging it from its ranks? How long will it take the FBI to sift through the 10,000 text messages between FBI agent Peter Strzok, who was involved in the Clinton email investigation and part of Mueller’s team, and his mistress, an FBI attorney, before they are presented to the House Intelligence Committee? Has Fusion, the firm who produced the infamous Trump dossier, been less than cooperative with those on Capitol Hill? Fox News Chief Intelligence Correspondent, Catherine Herridge joins Dan and Amy to provide an inside look at the FBI.

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The Real O'Reilly Factor

Dan & Amy talk with Andrew Klavan about his most recent column, "The Real O'Reilly Factor." Klavan argues that the end of Bill O'Reilly signals the end of Fox News.

What is the quality of Conservative content? Why isn't there another Fox News? Dan & Amy discuss these questions and more with Klavan who is a screenwriter, essayist & author of “The Great Good Thing: A Secular Jew Comes to Faith in Christ.”


FNC's Ed Henry On Trump vs. Factions In The Intel Community

Fox News Chief National Correspondent Ed Henry joined Dan & Amy to discuss the feud between Trump and outgoing CIA Director John Brennan as well as the treatment of Trump by factions of the Intelligence community. Also, do the rumors of Mark Zuckerberg running for POTUS, Peter Thiel running for CA Governor and Laura Ingraham running for VA Senate indicate the existence of a "Trump effect" with respect to candidates for high federal and state offices?

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Fox News' Chief Congressional Cor. Lays Out Sequencing Of Policy Rollouts, Where The Challenges Lie For Trump Cabinet Picks

Earlier this morning, Dan Proft & Amy Jacobson were joined by Mike Emanuel, Senior Political Correspondent, FOX News, to analyze the sentiment in DC, why Republicans need to unite on their plan to repeal obamacare and more.

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FNC's James Rosen On State Dept's "Censorship" And "Sloppiness"

Fox News' Chief Washington Correspondent James Rosen talked to Dan & Amy about the State Department's admission that editing out his exchange with former State Dept spokesman Marie Harf was "deliberate." Rosen also addressed the rather curious decision by the State Department to not pursue the investigation any further.

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Dan Proft On Repub. Committeemen Purge - FOX Chicago

The Republican purge targets 13 ward committeemen that say they were each elected in last months primary and some are angrily fighting back. Find out what Dan Proft thinks on Fox News Chicago.



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