Politicizing The Notre Dame Fire

Does everything have to be viewed through a racial/political prism, even the Notre Dame Cathedral fire coverage? What does “no religion” eclipsing any other choice say about our increasingly more secular society? Has the controversy over the “Pence Rule” faded since the #metoo movement? Writer at National Review, David French joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Rebuilding Notre Dame

What do we know about the state of the cathedral at this point? Will it be rebuilt within 5 years and more beautiful than ever as French President Macron says? Architect, David Stroik joins Dan and Amy to discuss the feasibility of those plans.

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Take A Lesson From Trump

Are France's yellow-jacketed misérables like America's MAGA-hat-wearing deplorables? What should French President Emmanuel Macron learn from Trump? Should he be more like Trump in the wake of the protests against his gas tax hike? Is President George H.W. Bush's legacy being used to advance a political agenda? Former Trump aide, Sebastian Gorka joins Dan and Amy to react to the Paris riots and remember President Bush.