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Homogenizing Hong Kong

Does China only respond to pressure from the outside world? Why do U.S. companies and producers self censor to appease the Chinese? Are the Chinese forcing us to abandon our freedoms? President of Population Research Center and expert on China, Steven Mosher joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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The Lost History Of Liberalism

Who are the true liberals and who is using the word correctly? Are those on the left advocating for policies that are actually the antithesis of true liberalism? Did liberalism play a role in creating a more secular society? Author Helen Roseblatt joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Battle Of Ideas

Is there a subtle conservative message in Game of Thrones about the failures of socialism? Are there only two forms of speech, free speech and government controlled speech, with nothing in between? Are conservatives fighting hard enough in the battle of ideas with the Left? Hollywood screenwriter and podcaster, Andrew Klavan joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Anti-Free Speech Mob At Depaul University

Why is the Depaul University student mob going after a black, gay, immigrant professor? Is there any moral intellectual leadership in academia? Professor Jason Hill joins Dan and Amy to discuss the article he wrote sparking outrage on Depaul’s campus and why students are demanding he apologize and undergo racial sensitivity training.

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Equal Justice Under The Law?

Is "spying" the latest word the Left aims to redefine? Why isn’t Assange being charged with Russian collusion? Was the arrest of Assange a violation of freedom of speech? WashingtonExaminer.com National Security commentator, Tom Rogan joins Dan and Carol Roth to discuss.

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The Policing Of Art

Is coal miners’ “blackface” consistent with the racially offensive blackface? Should the restaurant owner in question clarify the meaning of a photo with coal miners with soot on their face so people don’t get offended? Should the greater good be the standard for acceptable artistic expression? U.S. Air Force veteran turned poet and essayist, Rashaad Thomas joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Censorship Machines

Is Google engaging in more than just civic participation and entered the world of politics? Are Google and Facebook self-aware of their perception and trying to rebuild trust with users and particularly conservatives? "The Creepy Line" documentary director, Matt Taylor joins Dan and Kristen McQueary to discuss. 

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Acosta Vs. White House Feud Continues

Is the reinstatement of Acosta's press pass actually a victory for Trump? Is the acting Attorney General Whitaker’s position on the Mueller investigation shared by many, including the President? Is it time to wrap it up? George Mason University Law Professor, FH Buckley joins Dan and Amy to discuss these topics and Justice Scalia’s legacy.

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Lack Of Freedom Of Expression On College Campuses

Who’s worse: university professors or administrators? Why are students taught to be fragile and that their ideas should go unchallenged? Are educators teaching the importance of free speech? What colleges and universities actually promote free expression? President of Fund for American Studies Foundation, Roger Ream joins Dan and Amy to discuss in studio.

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Anti-Intellectualism On College Campuses

Why are we coddling the American mind? Is the big lie that college campuses are the beacon of the free marketplace of ideas? Is the future of higher education salvageable? Why are we setting up the current generation for failure? CEO of FIRE, Greg Lukianoff joins Dan and Amy to discuss. 

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Should Government Regulate Social Media?

Why is Facebook censoring content speaking out against Islamic terrorists? Should government get involved in regulating social media? Are foreign enemies networking with leftist groups like MoveOn.org and Southern Poverty Law Center? Chairman for ACT for America, Brigitte Gabriel joins Dan and John Kass to discuss her book “RISE.”

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Silencing Conservatives

Is the left outsourcing censorship of the internet? Is the “shadow banning” of conservatives on social media a legitimate matter for Congressional inquiry? Is the solution to create more competitive platforms? Or is this a problem supply and demand can’t solve? Presidential historian, Doug Wead joins Dan and John Kass to discuss.

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To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

Are Trump’s tweets calling for the end of the Mueller probe obstruction of justice or is it his way of venting? Was Sarah Sanders correct in saying freedom of speech and freedom of press go hand-in-hand? Is the temporary restraining order for posting the blueprint for 3D guns the actual injustice occurring? Columnist at National Review, David French joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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“Defund Your Alma Maters”

"Our universities risk losing their status as learning sites and becoming national security threats." Is it worth going thousands of dollars in debt to send your children to propaganda machines disguised as universities? Dr. Jason Hill from Depaul University joins Dan and Amy to argue for withdrawing your support for your dear alma mater.

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Free Speech Victory At Marquette University

The Wisconsin Supreme Court found that Marquette University violated their own terms of employment regarding academic freedom for sanctioning Professor McAdams for questioning the way an instructor handled controversial topics in class. Is it time colleges provide “tolerance” training for professors and administrators? Professor John McAdams from Marquette University joined Dan and Amy to discuss his successful lawsuit.

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The Supreme Court Rules For Worker Freedom

In a landmark decision last week, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of Illinois state worker Mark Janus, protecting his free speech and the free speech of public sector workers across the country. What will the impact be for workers and taxpayers alike? On this edition of Illinois Rising, Dan Proft and Wirepoints President Ted Dabrowski discuss the Court’s decision with Janus’ lead attorney Jacob Huebert of the Liberty Justice Center. Proft and Dabrowski also talk about the economic impact the decision might have. And beyond the Janus case, they discuss the outrageous payments and benefits disgraced members of Mike Madigan’s inner circle are receiving despite sexual harassment allegations levied against them.








Becerra Decision Transcends Abortion Debate

Was the coverage of the SCOTUS Becerra decision focused on the abortion debate rather than the first amendment victory? Did California try to create a new category of speech, “professional speech?” Were CA lawmakers under intense pressure from the abortion industry to advocate for a policy to make pregnancy centers lead the conversation with abortion options with women who may have never even considered abortion? Attorney Mary Fiorito of the Ethics and Public Policy Center joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Zach Wood On Free Debate And Thought On College Campuses

Everyone claims to support free speech, but do they actually? Especially at institutions of higher learning, hearing a wide range of perspectives is not often embraced. Zach Wood, a recent graduate of Williams College, is fighting to change that. On this edition of Against the Current, Dan Proft talks to Wood about his advocacy for intellectual diversity and honest, free debate on college campuses and why he thinks higher education is not more supportive of free speech. Wood, though a progressive Democrat himself, also critiques the Left's hostility toward differing opinions. And Proft and Wood dive into their wide range of policy disagreements – from education issues to welfare and much more – in an in-depth dialogue you won't be hearing at many universities, but should be.


Team Players Of Campus Totalitarianism

Is everyone starting to become desensitized by the totalitarian nature in which college campuses are run? Will some Stanford Law grads graduate after never conversing with people who have a different world view than them? Stanford Law Student, Martin Salvucci joins Dan and Amy to discuss the “tolerance” of the diversity of thought of the majority of students and professors.

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Is The NFL Kneeling Ban A Win For Conservatives?

Is Trump to blame for exacerbating the kneeling controversy in the NFL or did he merely expose people for who they really are? Is it good for the country to force people to take sides and for lines to be drawn in the culture war? Columnist at National Review, David French joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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