garry mccarthy

Has Beens Vs. Have Nots

With tomorrow’s cold and snowy forecast, will the election process produce another anointing of the next mayor? Does Chicago want to change? What have been the damaging effects of the ACLU and the DOJ’s influence on the police department? What should be done to reduce the size and costs of city government? Mayoral candidate, Garry McCarthy joins Dan and Amy on election eve.

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Politics Over The Rule Of Law

Is Chicago the most completely corrupt city in America? How do we get to a legitimate government? Why aren’t politicians like Alderman Proco Joe Moreno facing consequences for breaking the law? Is Garry McCarthy really trying to annex some nearby suburbs? Former CPD Superintendent and mayoral candidate, Garry McCarthy joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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The 90s Called And Want Their Politicians Back

Who is making a play for center right voters in the mayoral race? Why does Chicago have more murders than New York and L.A. combined? Does Chicago have to become the Vegas of the Midwest to keep the city operating? Does economic growth begin with making the city safe? Former Chicago Police Superintendent and candidate for mayor, Garry McCarthy joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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McCarthy: Public Servant Not A Politician

According to Gary McCarthy, Rahm and his corporate counsel engaged in a cover-up (on the civil side) of the Laquan McDonald case to suppress video, including a $5 million payout to family. So who really was responsible for the entire fiasco? What does he plan to do for police and fire pensions that are only funded at 20-25%? Is Rahm’s idea of borrowing more to pay off debt a good idea? Former CPD Superintendent and current mayoral candidate, Garry McCarthy joins Dan and Amy to discuss the Van Dyke trial and his candidacy.

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Fmr. Chicago PD Superintendent: Police Have Been Politicized From Top Down

Earlier this morning, Garry McCarthy, Former Chicago Police Superintendent, joined Dan Proft & Amy Jacobson to discuss the 737 murders and 4,000 shootings in Chicago so far this year. He reminded Proft & Jacobson that murders and shootings were at an all time low between 2013-2014 when the police department followed best practices and were able to police. Now, in the wake of #BlackLives Matter, the police have been politicized and blamed for larger societal problems with limited support behind all the good that they do.

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