Girls Competing Against Biological Males

What is the argument on behalf of young female athletes who do not want to compete against biological males? What has the backlash been like for the female athlete who willingly put her name on the lawsuit to question the “fairness” of having men compete in women’s high school sports? Legal counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom, Denise Harle joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Gender Inclusive Puberty Guide

Should puberty be gender inclusive? Are schools guiding children through puberty based on feelings rather than scientific and biological facts? Why won’t people let research be done to see the consequences of the trans ideology? Catholic Women's Forum Director, Mary Rice Hasson joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Living In A False Reality

Is the medical community afraid of standing up to trans people? Is allowing people to transition to another sex not helping anyone’s problems? Jamie Shupe, the nation's first officially designated nonbinary person, joins Dan and Amy to explain why the trans orthodoxy and gender fluid politics is a sham.

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Is "Toxic Masculinity" The Problem?

How are boys supposed to know what it means to be a man when pop culture celebrates sexual harassment and disrespect? Can boys not be men when society is telling them gender doesn’t matter? In the case of mass shooters, is one of the common threads the lack of socialization of the shooter or their failure of instruction of what it means to be a man? Dr. Leonard Sax, author of “Why Gender Matters,” joins Dan and Amy to explain why gender matters.

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The End Of Gender?

Dan and Amy speak with author Ashley McGuire about her book, "Sex Scandal: The Drive to Abolish Male and Female" and the effort by the Hollywood Left and other purveyors of pop culture to normalize feelings about gender over biology. As this mentality negatively impacts women in sports and women's safety on college campuses, will there be a revolt?

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Canadian Law Would Turn Parent-child Relationship Into A Purely Contractual One

In the wake of Buzzfeed assuming that HGTV stars, Chip and Joanna Gaines’, don’t support same-sex marriage, Dan Proft & Amy Jacobson talked with Scott Masson, Associate Professor of english lit at Tyndall University College in Toronto. He references a new bill in Canada, Bill 28, and explains how it is redefining the family unit by completely removing references to a Mother or Father. Proft reminds us that redefinition of marriage ignores a child’s natural right to their mother and father. 

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