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“Moderate” Blue Wave

Does Gov. Walker have the unique capability to run on his successful record? Why are some of these races so close like Walker’s at the state level and the Senate race in Arizona? Why are Democrats running on healthcare after they broke it? Is it possible for Trump to campaign on the great economy and tough immigration reform? Wisconsin Congressman, Sean Duffy joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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The Scott Walker Model

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker may not stand out on a debate stage that includes Donald Trump and a dozen other GOP Presidential candidates, but he has been a standout conservative reform governor with staying power in the birthplace of modern progressivism who is poised in 2018 to win what seems like his seventeenth re-election campaign since 2010.

Perhaps his fellow cheeseheads Paul Ryan and Reince Priebus could learn from Walker’s executive example.

Walker is understated but unflappable.  He makes big bets on core principles.

The public sector unions could lay siege to Madison and Democrat legislators could abdicate to Rockford, Illinois,—both of which happened—but Walker was not to be deterred.

From the outset, Walker brought jumpy GOP legislative leaders in and held their hands while they collectively implemented reforms that lowered taxes and generated budget surpluses, expanded choice for Wisconsin students and teachers alike, and turned Pleasant Prairie into a Midwestern center of corporate campuses where more jobs are generated weekly than Illinois has net created this century.

Perhaps because of his suburban dad, room temperature personality, Walker hasn’t received the fanfare he deserves. But he has given us a model of conservative reform governance that should be emulated and scaled nationally.