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South Side Women’s Gun Club

Javondlynn Dunagan wanted to feel more safe, so she decided to take a concealed carry class. That's what led her to create a women’s gun club on the south side of Chicago that encourages women to become more educated about guns and empower them to protect themselves. Javondlynn joins Dan and Amy to discuss her club, JMD Defense, and the politics surrounding law abiding gun owners like herself and the ladies in her club.

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No Justice For Kate Steinle

How could Kate Steinle’s murderer who is an illegal immigrant, get his conviction overturned? Where is the accountability? What happened to withholding funds from cities and states that ignore immigration laws? After tragedies, why do politicians turn to the instrumentality of the act and not the evil doer? John Hinderaker from powerlineblog.org joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Right To Self Defense

Is law enforcement in favor of concealed carry? Could concealed carry citizens serve as a deterrent to these mass shooters? Does the media and leftist politicians make it more about the gun and less about the evil doer? Are red flag laws a reasonable solution? President of the U.S. Concealed Carry Association, Tim Schimdt joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Media Blames Trump

Is there a noticeable increase in crime and gun use since Trump began his presidency? Since mental health issues and gun ownership have always been a part of American life, why are these issues arising at such an alarming rate? Online opinion editor for the Washington Times, Cheryl Chumley joins Dan and Charles Love to discuss.

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Law Enforcement’s Role In Combatting Domestic Terrorism

How can every day Americans help stop mass shootings? How has law enforcement improved how they handle these attacks? The Heritage Foundation’s Lt. Col. James Carafano joins Dan and Charles Love to discuss.

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Democrats Passing The Buck On Crime

Why do Democrats get a pass even though they are in power in almost every one of the most dangerous cities in America? Would Democratic mayors rather blame the NRA and failure at the national level for violence rather than find a comprehensive solution to gun violence? Why isn’t the violence in cities like Chicago part of the discussion on the Democratic debate stage? Lawyer and author, Jamil Jivani joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Media Bias On Gun Violence

Is there any merit to gun control advocates’ argument to ban silencers because they think it’s harder for law enforcement to find the shooter? Are gun free zone laws that leave victims defenseless the real problem in the Virginia Beach shooting and other mass shootings that have been committed? President of Crime Prevention Research Center, John Lott Jr. joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Dems Ready To Eliminate Private Insurance Market

Will Trump get a deal on border security funding before next week's SOTU? Are Democrats going to Pelosi pushing for a deal? Has Trump been given the green light from Republicans to invoke emergency powers to fund the wall? Are other Democrats coming out against Kamala Harris’ plan to eliminate the private insurance market? Does the conclusion of the Vegas shooting that provided no answers show that government doesn’t have the power to control evil acts? Senior editor at HotAir.com, Ed Morrissey joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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What To Do To Prevent Mass Shootings

Should mass shootings be treated as a public health crisis? Should there be interviews with family members in order for someone to purchase a gun? Would getting rid of “gun free zones” help prevent mass shootings? Is it time for family and friends to step up and intervene if they know someone has a chance of being violent? Should we expect Democrats in the House to move on gun control even though they haven’t in the past? President of the Crime Prevention Research Center, John Lott Jr. joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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2A Rights In Jeopardy?

What does a House Speaker Pelosi and new Democratic governors mean for second amendment rights? Could any of the recent mass shootings have been preventable with any laws not already on the books? Are red flag laws turning people into civilian police? How did Mayor Daley run John Lott out of town? Crime Prevention Research Center President John Lott Jr. joins Dan and John Kass to discuss.

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The Left’s Narrow View Of The 2nd Amendment

Does the left’s treatment of Kanye expose how they really feel about people who don’t think like them? Is the right to defend yourself and your property the key to all other rights? Are people’s views on gun control reflective of their views of freedom in general? Senior editor at TheFederalist.com, David Harsanyi joins Dan and Shaun to discuss.

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To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

Are Trump’s tweets calling for the end of the Mueller probe obstruction of justice or is it his way of venting? Was Sarah Sanders correct in saying freedom of speech and freedom of press go hand-in-hand? Is the temporary restraining order for posting the blueprint for 3D guns the actual injustice occurring? Columnist at National Review, David French joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Annie, Hide Your Gun

How will the 9th Circuit decision impact other states down the road? How difficult is it for law abiding citizens to obtain a gun from certain states? Can dangerous individuals be stopped from purchasing a weapon by the law? John Lott Jr, President at the Crime Prevention and Research Center, joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Black Guns Matter In Chicago

Maj Toure, Founder of Black Guns Matter, tells reporters and supporters, “I don’t think there’s a black gun culture or white gun culture, I think there’s an informed gun culture and an ignorant gun culture.” On this edition of Upstream Ideas’ ‘Fresh Cuts,’ Maj joins Host Jeff Coleman along with WLS-AM talk show host Stephanie Trussell and Noil Petroleum Corporation CEO & President Steve Neely to discuss his views.


Gun Control Is People Control

What is gun control really about? Free men and free women own guns, and gun ownership is a civic exercise in citizenship that empowers people and changes people. On a practical level, shouldn’t all people be able to protect the things and people they value and love? On this installment of Against the Current, Dan Proft talks with the founder of Black Guns Matter, Maj Toure, a solutionary, translator, and movie reviewer. How does Maj respond to politicians who say the NRA is a terrorist organization? In the 2016 Presidential race, Maj was not "with her," did his decision have something to do with “Super Predators.” Dan and Maj discuss gun control, crime, and personal empowerment.


Do Something

How many more shootings before we do something?

That is, how many more good guys with guns have to stop bad guys with guns before we stop stigmatizing inanimate objects?

The high school resource officer in Dixon, Illinois, and the Good Samaritan outside the restaurant in Oklahoma City aren’t inanimate objects or a three-letter acronym so they are of minor, passing interest to the DC press corps.

While well-intentioned Americans want to hear ideas about improving public safety, champagne socialists are interested only in using people’s fears against them to leverage more power over them.

This fact was laid bare in a recently released email exchange between Obama consiglieres Rahm Emanuel and Arnie Duncan two days after the Sandy Hook massacre.

In the exchange, Rahm tells Duncan, “Go for a vote this week asap before it fades. Tap peoples [sic] emotion. Make it simple assault weapons."

The dizzying intellect that is Arne Duncan replied, “Yup-thanks.”

Do you understand now?

Do you understand how little the Political Royals think of you and that they care for you even less than that?

They are as cavalier with your life as they are craven in using the lives of 20 dead children to manipulate you.

You might consider this when you’re deciding how much of your life to turn over to them.


“Black Guns Matter”

Should nonviolent felons be able to obtain a gun? Is gun control racist? Hip Hop artist and founder of "Black Guns Matter," Maj Toure joins Dan and Amy to discuss these topics and his seminars that educate black communities on gun rights and safety. One of his big events is coming up in Chicago, June 16, check it out here.

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Potential Massacre Avoided In Dixon

“The day could have gone so differently if officer Dallas hadn’t been there. There are a lot of families that could have been dealing with an entirely different incident.” Dixon Mayor Li Arellano joins Dan and Amy with an update on the Dixon High School shooting incident and the hero, police officer Mark Dallas.

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IL Democrats And Surrender GOPers Reviving Gun Legislation

Why are surrender Republicans working with Oak Park Socialist Don Harmon to revive legislation that would reduce the number of gun shops in Illinois? Why is it every time gun legislation dies it comes back to life from surrender Republicans? IL Gun Dealers Trade Assoc. Executive Director, Todd Vandermyde joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Stand For The Second

Students from more than 400 high schools across 40 states are participating in a walkout to support second amendment rights. Are school administrations going to support their students the same way they did for students protesting for more gun control? "Stand for the Second" organizer, Will Riley joins Dan and Amy to discuss the walkout.  

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