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“Do Something”

Is there any evidence that universal background checks would have prevented any of the mass shootings that have occurred in the last decade? Are mass shooters crazy but not stupid when they pick soft target areas in gun free zones? President of Crime Prevention Research, John Lott Jr. joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Black Gun Ownership In Chicago

Should we be getting rid of guns in Chicago’s south and west sides as politicians promote or encourage safe, legal gun ownership? Dickson “Q” Amoa joins Dan and John Kass to discuss the 761st Gun Club in Chicago.

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Punishing Those Who Follow The Rules

How do we change the perception of black ownership of guns? What has been the reception of white liberals who can’t use the race card on groups like Black Guns Matter? Is the white male the biggest threat in minority communities? Why is the go to solution from politicians to punish the people who are actually following the rules? Hip Hop artist and founder of Black Guns Matter, Maj Toure joins Dan and John Kass to discuss.

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Reactive Regulation

How do we regulate firearms when criminals don’t abide by the laws? Is there a such thing as loopholes through online sales or gun shows? Is there any blanket federal laws that would slow down the sale of guns over state lines? Tom Vandermyde with the Federal Firearms Licensees of Illinois joins Dan and Kristin McQueary to discuss.

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Annie, Hide Your Gun

How will the 9th Circuit decision impact other states down the road? How difficult is it for law abiding citizens to obtain a gun from certain states? Can dangerous individuals be stopped from purchasing a weapon by the law? John Lott Jr, President at the Crime Prevention and Research Center, joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Black Guns Matter In Chicago

Maj Toure, Founder of Black Guns Matter, tells reporters and supporters, “I don’t think there’s a black gun culture or white gun culture, I think there’s an informed gun culture and an ignorant gun culture.” On this edition of Upstream Ideas’ ‘Fresh Cuts,’ Maj joins Host Jeff Coleman along with WLS-AM talk show host Stephanie Trussell and Noil Petroleum Corporation CEO & President Steve Neely to discuss his views.


Zero Convictions Of Concealed Carry Holders

Is the media more likely to report on a story of concealed carry permit holder being heroic or making a mistake? What is the end game of gun control proponents’ policies? Does Illinois do everything to make the process of obtaining a concealed carry permit as difficult as possible for the groups who are in the most need of protection? President of the Crime Prevention Research Center, John Lott Jr joins Dan and Amy to discuss. 

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Heart Of The Matter: Gun Rights Are Women's Rights

According to a study from Pew Research Center, about one-in-five women in the U.S. report that they own a gun. While these women resemble their male counterparts in some respects, their views on and experiences with guns often differ from those of male gun owners. How does gun-ownership differ for women than for men? And how important is it to protect a law-abiding woman’s right to carry? Marilyn Smolenski, Owner of Nickle and Lace and a Candidate for State Representative, Babette Holder, President of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of Illinois, join Host Jodi Carroll to get to the Heart of the Matter. 


Gun Control Is People Control

What is gun control really about? Free men and free women own guns, and gun ownership is a civic exercise in citizenship that empowers people and changes people. On a practical level, shouldn’t all people be able to protect the things and people they value and love? On this installment of Against the Current, Dan Proft talks with the founder of Black Guns Matter, Maj Toure, a solutionary, translator, and movie reviewer. How does Maj respond to politicians who say the NRA is a terrorist organization? In the 2016 Presidential race, Maj was not "with her," did his decision have something to do with “Super Predators.” Dan and Maj discuss gun control, crime, and personal empowerment.


IL GOP Leading With Surrender On Guns And Abortion?

Last year 15 IL House Republicans surrendered on a tax hike. Are they doing the same this year by surrendering on abortion, far-left feminism, and gun rights? Has the IL GOP electorate woken up and will they no longer be giving these legislators a pass? State Rep. Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton) joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Do Something

How many more shootings before we do something?

That is, how many more good guys with guns have to stop bad guys with guns before we stop stigmatizing inanimate objects?

The high school resource officer in Dixon, Illinois, and the Good Samaritan outside the restaurant in Oklahoma City aren’t inanimate objects or a three-letter acronym so they are of minor, passing interest to the DC press corps.

While well-intentioned Americans want to hear ideas about improving public safety, champagne socialists are interested only in using people’s fears against them to leverage more power over them.

This fact was laid bare in a recently released email exchange between Obama consiglieres Rahm Emanuel and Arnie Duncan two days after the Sandy Hook massacre.

In the exchange, Rahm tells Duncan, “Go for a vote this week asap before it fades. Tap peoples [sic] emotion. Make it simple assault weapons."

The dizzying intellect that is Arne Duncan replied, “Yup-thanks.”

Do you understand now?

Do you understand how little the Political Royals think of you and that they care for you even less than that?

They are as cavalier with your life as they are craven in using the lives of 20 dead children to manipulate you.

You might consider this when you’re deciding how much of your life to turn over to them.


Questions For The Left

I’m an inquisitive sort.

I want to understand the Left but I have questions.

-          When it comes to your concern that law enforcers not be above the law, is that just for beat cops or does it extend to senior level officials at the nation's most powerful law enforcement agency?

I ask because I haven’t heard the date announced for the Andy McCabe protests.

-          Is your concern about instances of alleged excessive use of force by police entirely contingent on the race of the alleged victim?

I ask because I can’t find the GoFundMe page for the family of John Albers in Overland Park, Kansas.

-          When it comes to treating the Constitution like an Asian buffet, are their limits to the application of the sanctuary designation?

I ask because Effingham County, Illinois, voted to make their jurisdiction a sanctuary county for 2nd Amendment rights to protect the rights of their residents to protect themselves.

-          I understand you to be stalwart defenders of a free press now. Could you share your conversion story?

I ask because of your silence when Obama Attorney General Eric Holder surveilled and subpoenaed Fox News reporter James Rosen and when Patrick Fitzgerald imprisoned New York Times reporter Judith Miller in the Scooter Libby case to cite but two examples.

Thank you in advance for helping me distinguish your virtue from your virtue-signaling.


I am Mark Robinson

“When are you all going to start standing up for the majority? And here’s who the majority is. I’m the majority…

“…we’re the first ones taxed and the last ones considered and the first ones punished when something like this happens because our rights are the ones being taken away.”

That was part of a beautifully delivered commentary by law-abiding everyman Mark Robinson at a Greensboro, North Carolina, city council meeting.

Robinson’s “I am Spartacus” moment was in response to a debate over whether to cancel a local gun show in the wake of the Parkland school shooting.

“We demonize the police…and we make the criminals into victims and we’re talking about restricting guns?” Robinson continued.

I want to live in Mr. Robinson’s neighborhood.

He laid out the bill of particulars for the people who play the rules only to get fleeced by the Political Ruling Class they finance and ridiculed in the process.

Most importantly, Mark Robinson reminded us that this grand experiment in representative republican government rises or falls based on the civic engagement of the Mark Robinsons in America.

It’s not enough to applaud Mark Robinson. We must emulate him.

I am Mark Robinson.


Majority Of Americans Opt For Security Over Freedom

Are gun ban proposals a tradeoff between security or freedom or would they create less of both? Was there any empirical evidence or research being taken into account in the gun control marches over the weekend? Will the recent policies passed in the omnibus bill fix any of the problems that occurred in Parkland? President of the Crime Prevention Research Center, John Lott Jr joins Dan and Scot to discuss.

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What We Learned From The Walkouts

The main thing we learned from the 3,000+ school walkouts that occurred and those already being planned for April 20 is who is in charge of K-12 education in America.

And that should frighten you more than your average 18-year-old with a rifle or a violent video game.

Those pillaging America’s schools like Malcolm McDowell and his droogs in “A Clockwork Orange” are in charge of our schools not attending them.

It’s zero tolerance on the one hand and tolerance of everything including thuggery on the other.

If you’re a white kid who scrawls the square root sign evoking a gun on a math assignment, they bring in Jack Bauer and put him on the clock.

If you’re a minority kid, say in Parkland, Florida, you can threaten to shoot up your school and no one will say anything. Under the guise of racial equity, schools are moving to remove disciplinary consequences for certain students and take discretion away from law enforcement in the process.

Neither are teachers immune from the imposition of Leftist orthodoxy. Just ask the California teacher put on administrative leave for hazarding a thoughtful discussion with her class about the politics of protests ahead of the walkout.

With the politics being pushed on their kids, now is a good time for more parents to wake up and walk into their kids’ schools for a healthy stop, look and listen.


An Inside Look At Diana Rauner's Political Influence

Newly leaked emails show just how influential First Lady Diana Rauner was in moving the governor's office to the left, and making political calculations to try and improve the governor's image despite policy failures. On this week's "Illinois Rising" Pat Hughes and Brian Timpone talk to Edgar County Watchdogs' Kirk Allen about the newly obtained info, and what it tells Illinoisans about the inner workings of the governor's office. Hughes and Timpone also talk to Joshua Griffith, who is challenging sitting Republican state Rep. Norine Hammond, about his race railing against tax hikes. Also this week – what would a progressive tax mean for your family? A new proposal in Springfield shows income taxes going up on just about everyone.








Media Spin At Wheaton Gun Show

Are gun owners going to be the next group Governor Rauner betrays? Is common sense gun reform from misinformed anti-gun activists translation for gun confiscation from law-abiding gun owners? Bob Garza from Illinois Gun Owners Together joins Dan and Amy with a first-person account of the protest and counter-protest at the Wheaton gun show over the weekend. 

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The Right Question

Guns have no moral agency.

Predators hurt and kill people. Often they use a gun.

Good guys protect people. Often they use a gun.

When a predator kills with a gun he is rightly called a monster.

When a good guy with a gun fails to protect people he is rightly called a coward.

The very nature of the way we discuss an atrocity like the Parkland school shooting conveys our understanding that it’s bad guys and good guys who are responsible for what they do and not the instrumentality they use in their conduct.

So arguing that the response to the deadly success of the shooter and the failure of the deputy sheriff is to reduce the number of good guys and their instrumentality choices does not logically follow from the accepted premise.

And neither does the failure of state agencies locally and federally to exercise the power they currently possess make the case for expanding their power at the expense of our rights.

No amount of emergency planning or algorithmic modeling or government power can replace the variety of human judgment calls that will be thrust upon a free people.

The question then isn’t what’s in my holster, it’s what’s in my head and my heart?