hannah arendt

How Fascism Happens

Fascism requires the entirety of civil society to be folded into the state.

The government, the arts, technology, and business become one.

Therefore, intellectuals, artists and captains of industry must be on board.

It is not the “banality of evil,” as Hannah Arendt argued.

It was not the passivity of the hoi polloi but rather the intellectual activism of elites like Hans FK Gunther that gave rise to the Third Reich.

So the outrageous attempt recently by CNN to tar Trump voters with the fictional "banality of evil" argument is properly understood as a desperate misdirection play by Antifa sympathizers.

Not even liberal intellectuals who believe in Brandeis’ “more speech, not enforced silence” formulation for a free society like Columbia’s Mark Lilla or Harvard’s Alan Dershowitz are given quarter.

So think about the ideology and conduct of those in America who dominate academia, the arts, Fortune 500 C-suites and social media channels.

Are they Trump supporters or dissent silencers?

Are they advocates for individual liberties or group benefits?

Martin Niemollers or Martin Heideggers?

Peruse a public school curriculum, take a spin around a college campus, review Google’s definition of diversity, visit the Castro-loving Colin Kaepernick exhibit at the Smithsonian African-American History Museum, and then tell me where the threat of rolling up all of civil society into a fascist state really lies.