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“I Respect No Borders”

Was the failure to get the citizen question on the census a cave by the Trump administration or just a result of the legal realities? Will Wilbur Ross lose his position over this? Will Joe Biden have to walk back his “I respect no borders” quote if he makes it to the general? Are some Democratic contenders saying if you like your health insurance, tough luck? Senior Editor at National Review, Ramesh Ponnuru joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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“Boring” Democrat Debate

Will anything remain memorable from the first Democrat debate as the campaigns continue on? Who has the most to gain in these debates? Are de Blasio and Warren the only ones being honest about wanting a solely government run healthcare plan? Washington Examiner reporter, Salena Zito joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Free Healthcare And Open Borders

Do Americans want to pay for illegal immigrants’ healthcare like the Democrat Presidential candidates will force them to? Was NBC protecting Warren from serious debate? Is this the opportune time for Trump to make a national address on the situation at the border? Former Editor at Large of Out Magazine, Chadwick Moore joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Death With Dignity

How is supporting assisted suicide laws the caring approach? Why is society putting emotion before reason? Are we on the path to redefining the Hippocratic oath? Dan and Amy discuss assisted suicide laws and a case of a young girl in the Netherlands.

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Open Or Closed Doors In Sanctuary Cities?

Is Medicare for all popular with people who like their private insurance and their doctor? What was the reaction from Democrat leaders to their cities potentially getting flooded with illegal immigrants? Is this a legitimate policy proposal or is President Trump simply trolling? Writer at Powerlineblog.com, John Hinderaker joins Dan and John Kass to discuss.

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Taxing The American Dream

Are Democrats not even pretending you can keep your healthcare if you like it anymore? Why do they want to restrict people’s choices in healthcare and education? If Howard Schultz runs for president, doe he guarantee Trump a second term? Who needs $50 million anyway? WSJ Columnist and CNN Chief Economist, Steve Moore joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Medicare For All With A Jobs Guarantee

Have Democratic socialists finally cracked the code and figured out we can all live forever care-free on the backs of the billionaires? Are Democrats going to kill good criminal justice reform to not make Trump look reasonable? Do failed states offer billions in subsidies to Amazon solely for the photo op while eliminating other home grown businesses? American for Tax Reform President, Grover Norquist joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Nancy Pelosi: Show Horse And Work Horse

Did Democrats take over the house due to their demagoguery? Is Obamacare a slow walking government takeover of health insurance? Is the left trying to steal the election in Florida and having people question the integrity of our elections? Are white women selling out their gender? The First Ladies of Punditry, Diamond and Silk join Dan and John Kass to discuss.

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Unsustainable Healthcare System

Where is the Trump Administration making strides in the healthcare market? Who’s lying and who’s telling the truth about pre-existing conditions? How is Scott Walker in Wisconsin lowering premiums? Where is the country going to come up with the $34 trillion for “Medicare for all?” Founder of healthinsurancementors.com, C. Steven Tucker joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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“Moderate” Blue Wave

Does Gov. Walker have the unique capability to run on his successful record? Why are some of these races so close like Walker’s at the state level and the Senate race in Arizona? Why are Democrats running on healthcare after they broke it? Is it possible for Trump to campaign on the great economy and tough immigration reform? Wisconsin Congressman, Sean Duffy joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Congressman Randy Hultgren Vs. Liberal Lauren Underwood

Is this the first time Hultgren has faced this kind of challenge in a solidly Republican area? Did his opponent move to Illinois just to become a politician? What is his response to her attacks about healthcare? Are all of her millions in campaign donations coming from Hollywood? Will there be total dysfunction if the Democrats take over the House? Congressman Randy Hultgren from the 14th District joins Dan and Amy to discuss his closing arguments against his opponent.

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Is America Warming Up To Socialism?

Democratic Socialists' “It Girl” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez still can’t figure out where the $40 trillion needed for all her programs is going to come from. Is the reason healthcare and college are so expensive because they are subsidized by the government? Fox News Contributor, Juan Williams joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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What Are Trump’s Chances Of Winning In 2020?

How much credit do we give to Trump’s victory since the Democrats ran the worst candidate of all time? Is Trump having success in his continuing prosecution of the culture war? Journalists and publishers such as the New York Times whine about Trump’s “fake news” comments, but has their coverage of Trump’s Executive Order been fair and balanced? National Review columnist and former Chief Assistant US Attorney, Andrew McCarthy joins Dan and Amy to discuss. 

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Unwinding the Obama Legacy

Is Trump using a backdoor strategy to keep his campaign promise to revoke one of the “worst deals in American history?” Is the new health care Executive Order another nudge to the Republican Senate suggesting they are not allowed to walk away from repeal and replace of Obamacare just yet? How much of a negative effect has the Harvey Weinstein scandal had on the Democrats moving forward to the 2018 election? Anchor of Special Report weekdays at 5pm CT on Fox News Channel, Bret Baier joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Trump And Paul Teaming Up On Healthcare

Can Trump's Executive Order on Obamacare resuscitate full repeal and replace? What is going to happen when open enrollment begins in three weeks? How can the Republicans better frame that the small amount of Americans with pre-existing conditions don’t have to raise the prices for everybody? How do lawmakers formulate a policy that will make young, healthy people want to join? Resident Fellow studying health care at the American Enterprise Institute, Thomas Miller joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Affordable Care Act. Affordable For Who?

Dr. Kent Mercado from Naperville has yet to be paid in 2017 for any patient he has taken care of through the ACA Medicaid programs but continues to treat every patient no matter their plan. He has a patient that needs surgery to remove a tumor, but no hospital will take her because they aren’t getting reimbursed. Hospitals and especially independent practitioners are not going to be able to sustain these practices for long. Dr. Mercado, a Chicagoland practitioner, joins Dan and Amy to discuss his experience dealing with the consequences of the GOP's failure to replace Obamacare. 

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Sen. Johnson: McCain's Brain Tumor May Have Been A Factor On Healthcare Vote

When comparing Trump's First 200 Days to Congress' First 200 Days, Charles Krauthammer concluded, "Congress has been a bust." What can good faith legislators do to work with their bad faith colleagues? Was the "Skinny Repeal" an adequate fix to the problems with Obamacare? Did John McCain's health play any role in his decision to vote against the repeal? What happens next on Healthcare? If General Kelly can reduce the circus-like atmosphere in the White House, will that help influence Congressional Republicans? US Senator for Wisconsin and Chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, Ron Johnson joins Dan and Amy to discuss.


Will Anyone Save Us From Surrender Republicans?

Madigan Republicans in Springfield. Obama Republicans in D.C. Even with a GOP majority in the Senate, the Obamacare Replace legislation doesn't seem to have the votes to pass. Is there anything that can save us from the Surrender Republicans? What will the world look like in a year if Obamacare isn't replaced? Does this crisis just move us closer to a single-payer healthcare system? Was the GOP's contradiction on the issue of pre-existing conditions fatal? Will an Obamacare Repeal ever be possible? Healthcare expert and Founder of HealthInsuranceMentors.com, C. Steven Tucker gives Dan and John Kass his diagnosis.


Charlie Gard's Parents Fight To Save Their Son

A U.S. doctor says an experimental procedure has 10% chance of helping Charlie Gard. The London High Court is still deciding if Charlie belongs to his parents or the state. Should Charlie be “allowed to die with dignity”? Are the State or parents better positioned to speak for children? Is this the future under a single-payer healthcare system? Dan & Kristen McQueary discussed Charlie Gard's parents' fight to save their son and the Orwellian double speak used by the UK's court and hospital systems.


The State Vs. Charlie Gard

Charlie Gard’s parents are thinking about their son and trying to save his life.

The British government is thinking about its centrally-planned health care system and trying to save its dominion over the lives of its countrymen.

And that’s the story of government from time immemorial.

The state is forever seeking to intervene between parents and children because family is a bulwark against its power.

A spokesman for the London hospital that seeks to put Charlie Gard to death said they don’t want “a world where only parents speak and decide for children.”

You see, they speak for your child.

The commissars at the Orwellian-acronymed National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) will tell you when it’s time for him to die with dignity. And there’s nothing nice about the way they shall impose their will.

The State vs. Charlie Gard is a reminder to Americans about the nature of government-run health care, yes.

More importantly, it is a lesson about the nature of government generally.

The state and the Gard family are adversaries not allies.

Government is a synonym for force not compassion.

This is what George Washington meant when he described government as “a dangerous servant, and a fearful master.”

Consider this when politicians offer to improve your life with government in either role.

Consider Charlie Gard’s life.