Playing Into Trump’s Hands

Is saving the planet the Democrats’ value proposition in 2020? Is the Ukraine scandal hurting Biden more than it’s hurting Trump? Can Warren handle all her lies she’s created for herself? Does anyone suck up to China more than Hollywood? Did the Democrats and the media have the blueprint ready for impeachment before they even listened to the transcript? Editor at large for Breitbart, John Nolte joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Battle Of Ideas

Is there a subtle conservative message in Game of Thrones about the failures of socialism? Are there only two forms of speech, free speech and government controlled speech, with nothing in between? Are conservatives fighting hard enough in the battle of ideas with the Left? Hollywood screenwriter and podcaster, Andrew Klavan joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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"Reagan: The American President"

How did Reagan approach his special investigation? How did the press and Hollywood treat him? Is everything they say about Trump today similar to what Reagan experienced while he was President? Larry Schweikart, Author of "Reagan: The American President," joins Dan and Amy to discuss his book and his upcoming appearance at the Heartland Institute.

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Gosnell Movie Facing A Media Blackout

Is the media ignoring the Gosnell movie because they don’t want to confront the horrors of abortion? How were all the reports and complaints from the clinic ignored? How is identity politics used to drive people apart? What does it mean to be a writer? Gosnell screenwriter, Andrew Klavan joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer

Where was the Department of Health? Where was the outcry for the unsafe conditions that killed women and their babies from Planned Parenthood and other feminist groups? Why is Dr. Gosnell never mentioned in conversations regarding heinous serial killers? Author of “Gosnell: The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer,” Ann McElhinney joins Dan and Amy to discuss the shocking story and upcoming film of the atrocities that occurred and went unreported for so long in Dr. Gosnell’s clinic.  

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Society As One Big College Campus

Liberal virtue signalers don’t believe in thoughts and prayers but think a button on their lapel will change the world? The actors and actresses are talented but who gave them the misplaced moral authority? Screenwriter, essayist and author, Andrew Klavan joins Dan and Amy to discuss the glitz, glamour, and virtue-signaling at the Oscars. 

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The #1 Oppressor Of Free Press

Was Trump’s presidential victory such a surprise that the DOJ had to scramble together to cover their politicized tracks? Did Bannon believe Trump was the face of the Bannon movement? Are we living in two Americas, one that is real America and another imaginary America in the minds of the media and the Hollywood elite? “Only privileged women in Hollywood could feel oppressed making $5-10 million a movie, while women in Iran are risking their lives tearing off their veils.” Screenwriter and essayist, Andrew Klavan joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Time For Weinstein Co. To Put Their Money Where Their Mouth Is

Who knew what and when about Kevin Spacey? Who kept quiet? Is there going to be a new shift in Hollywood from business as usual? Are the men in Hollywood being put on notice? Will Weinstein be welcomed back in the industry? Lawyer for Harvey Weinstein accusers, Gloria Allred joins Dan and Amy to discuss why Hollywood leftists hate women and children, as well as why her daughter defended The Human Stain.

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Unbridled Power And Imbalanced People

How pathological is identity politics? A feminist laments that The Human Stain didn't harass or do worse to more black women. Critics argue that Weinstein was able to act the way he did because of toxic masculinity. Where were the tough guys using their masculinity to confront him? Screenwriter, essayist, and author of “The Great Good Thing: A Secular Jew Comes to Faith in Christ,” Andrew Klavan joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Stainmaster Productions

Second Chance? Who Wants To Be A Star? Potted Plants? Woody Polanski Films? Hands On Productions? The Human Stain's brother speaks and is working on a new company name saying, "it won't be familial, I promise you that." Dan and Amy take callers’ suggestions all morning to help come up with a new name for the Weinstein Company.

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Hollywood’s Men Without Chests

Victor Davis Hanson had the best one-line summary of Trump’s Presidential campaign suggesting that the basic Trump message was: I know the elites in media, Hollywood, big business, and politics and they’re even worse than you think.

Whether or not you think Trump, who came into the campaign as one of those elites also fits that description, the rest of the cultural mavens in question are certainly living down to it.

Now comes Harvey Weinstein, the human stain that won’t come clean because those who knew didn’t for decades.

But how could they? After all, Weinstein is just an extreme version of them, a difference in degree not kind.

The revolting Weinstein is the personification of the darkness that lurks inside the Hollywood beautiful people—and the pols and media types who sidle up to them—now climbing over each other to denounce the conduct about which they previously joked.

But they’re ever ready to trade sensitivity for sensuality. To look the other way requires only that they be rewarded for doing so.

Thus, Brad Pitt can confront Weinstein about his treatment of Pitt’s then girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow only to subsequently do two movies with Weinstein.

To borrow from C.S. Lewis, they are Hollywood’s men and women without chests. They may possess intellect and they certainly have appetites but they are devoid of truth or any belief in it.

They are the incomplete humans that give rise to monsters like Weinstein.


Hollywood Screenwriter Andew Klavan: Foolish For Conservatives To Ignore The Arts

Hollywood screenwriter Andrew Klavan, author of the new book, "The Great Good Thing" that details his conversion from secular Jew to practicing Christian, whose novels "True Crime" and "Don't Say a Word" have been made into movies, talked with Dan & Amy about the most recently concluded National Prayer Breakfast and the need for conservatives to influence culture through the arts. 

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