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“Fix Pensions Now Or Voters Will Revolt”

Fox Chicago's General Manager, Dennis Welsh takes on Madigan and unfunded pensions and the pending doom they will bring for families and their homes. But will there ever be a reckoning? Who will Illinois’ political leaders stand with, Madigan or taxpayers? Dan and Amy take calls from listeners and discuss.

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A Sugar High Or An Earnings High?

Are technology advancements and higher productivity what is boosting profits and not the Federal Reserve? Has D.C. proven that they can’t stop spending? Does Illinois have a fighting chance to get out of its economic death spiral? Economist, Brian Wesbury joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Tariff Retaliation

Will Trump’s retaliatory tariffs disrupt the economic growth coming from his tax and regulatory policies? Is it normal for a President to be feuding with the Chair of the Fed? Does Illinois have plenty of money? If so, where does it all go? CNBC Contributor, Jim Iuorio joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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IL Debt Solution: Issue More Debt

Only the politicians in Springfield think it’s good idea to issue more debt to deal with the pension debt crisis. Why would anyone move to Illinois and buy a house when your record high property taxes aren’t for any services but just paying off debt? CNN Chief Economist, Steve Moore joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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IL Breaks The Record In Pension Debt

Why wasn’t Kudlow the chief economist right off the bat? What kind of journalism is saying Woodward is unimpeachable in his new book about Trump? Is Trump winning on trade? Will Canada be making concessions in the next week? Is the Illinois solution for the pension debt to issue more debt? Chief Economist for CNN, Steve Moore joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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It Was My Understanding There Would Be No Math

Chicago’s greatest thought leaders have a new idea on how to fund pensions- raise property taxes! Where does the money in a state with the highest state and local tax burden go? Make sure you have the courtesy to tell your new neighbors when you leave Illinois the cautionary tale before the contagion spreads. Dan and Amy discuss the spiraling debt and lack of good governance in Illinois.

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Is Bankruptcy In Illinois' Future?

Several municipalities across the state are facing financial crises and have few options to get back on the right track. Is bankruptcy the only choice? And is that the reality for the state as a whole? On this edition of Illinois Rising, Dan Proft and Wirepoints President Ted Dabrowski break down state and local fiscal woes with analysis from state Rep. Jeanne Ives, R-Wheaton, and CNBC Contributor Jim Iuorio.








Illinois' Billions In Unpaid Bills

The state's unpaid bills and pension liabilities are mounting. But does the State of Illinois presently have the leadership to turn things around? On this edition of Illinois Rising, Dan Proft and Pat Hughes analyze new reports on the state's pension liabilities with Wirepoints.com founder Mark Glennon. They also discuss Rauner's continuously disappearing support among conservative ranks and how this weakens his ability to deal with the state's most pressing problems. And they talk about the fallout from the repeal of the Cook County Soda Tax.








Illinoisans Talk About The Budget Crisis

As the General Assembly heads into its second week of Special Session, the pressure on legislators to pass a budget that inflicts a substantial income tax hike, raises the corporate tax rate and increases a menagerie of sales taxes is intensifying. Illinoisans already pay the highest property taxes and overall tax burden in the nation. Will they Follow the Logic of a massive tax hike with no spending reforms?

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Illinois' Financial Grade: F

Why is Illinois' financial grade an F? Are the bond agencies taking too rosy a view of our finances? How does Illinois have $200 billion in debt with a balanced budget requirement in the Constitution? What does this mean for the 2018 gubernatorial election? Sheila Weinberg, Founder & CEO of Truth in Accounting, offers the facts on Illinois' finances to Dan and Kristen McQueary, Chicago Tribune editorial board member, who sits in for Amy Jacobson.


Truth in Accounting’s Look at Illinois Financial Picture: Every Taxpayer Owes $45k On State Debt

TIA Founder Sheila Weinberg joined Dan & Amy this morning with an updated look at Illinois' finances: More than $200B in debt and less than $26B in assets.

How does this compare with our neighbor to the east? How does this compare with another mismanaged state w/ a hostile business climate named New York?

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