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“Fix Pensions Now Or Voters Will Revolt”

Fox Chicago's General Manager, Dennis Welsh takes on Madigan and unfunded pensions and the pending doom they will bring for families and their homes. But will there ever be a reckoning? Who will Illinois’ political leaders stand with, Madigan or taxpayers? Dan and Amy take calls from listeners and discuss.

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Destructive Public Policy In IL

How is Illinois only one of two states to lose population in the last nine years? What will happen to Illinois if voters pass the graduated income tax? Are the tax cuts the most important accomplishment of Trump’s presidency? Is liberalism bad for your health? WSJ columnist, Steve Moore joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Condolences On Tax Day

Why aren’t people realizing they received a tax cut? How does Illinois have all this government but still come out as the worst state for taxpayers? What are we getting for our money in Illinois? The Capitalist Pig, Jonathan Hoenig joins Dan and Carol Roth to discuss.

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What Happened To The Blue Collar Worker

What are the biggest challenges seen in businesses today? Is there a lack of people out there wanting blue collar jobs? Ken Marrioti, President of Woodland Windows and Doors, joins Dan and Amy to discuss the business.

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A Sugar High Or An Earnings High?

Are technology advancements and higher productivity what is boosting profits and not the Federal Reserve? Has D.C. proven that they can’t stop spending? Does Illinois have a fighting chance to get out of its economic death spiral? Economist, Brian Wesbury joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Don’t Trade, Don’t Pay

Why are politicians bent on hurting the people that built this city up? If a transaction tax is passed, could Chicago become Detroit within a year? Will this finally be the nail in the coffin in Chicago? Hyde Park Angels Founder and writer at Points and Figures, Jeff Carter joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Mugged By Own Policy Preferences

Are socialist enclaves also being ravaged by property taxes in Western Cook County? Are Illinoisans going to do something now or wait until it gets worse? Is it not just conservatives that are starting to bolt? Dan and Amy discuss the latest property tax report from the Western Cook County suburbs.

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Kicking Off The 4th Annual Signature Bank Business Tour

Is there a big concern for larger companies in Illinois relocating to border states? Is labor shortage the main issue for businesses? Are Illinois businesses bracing for the pension debt to implode? What businesses are doing well and which ones are waning off? Co-Founder and Executive V.P. of Signature Bank, Kevin Bastuga joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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No Adults Allowed

How can New York and Illinois bring people back? Lower their taxes. Why are “pro-business groups” in Chicago advocating for more taxes? Where are the “adults” in the room telling Democrats the catastrophic effects of eliminating all fossil fuels? Chief Economist for CNN, Steve Moore joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Pols Looking To Tax Residents Escaping Illinois

Are Illinois politicians looking to enact an exit tax to keep residents from leaving? Does Illinois do its best to get rid of productive people? Will there be any surprises in the veto session or concern for lame ducks? What’s going to be IPI’s push this legislative session with Democrats controlling all chambers of state government? Government Affairs Legislative Analyst for the Illinois Policy Institute, Mindy Ruckman joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Judson University Leads With Faith

Do colleges still celebrate the U.S. Constitution? How does Judson U compete against other universities, especially those located out of state as families in Illinois continue to leave? Is there more of a yearning for Christian liberal arts schools because of what is happening at other college campuses? President Gene Crume of Judson University joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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IL Debt Solution: Issue More Debt

Only the politicians in Springfield think it’s good idea to issue more debt to deal with the pension debt crisis. Why would anyone move to Illinois and buy a house when your record high property taxes aren’t for any services but just paying off debt? CNN Chief Economist, Steve Moore joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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How Illinois Has Become An Outlier In The Midwest

In recent years, thousands of Illinoisans have fled to the state's midwestern neighbors – states that have implemented the necessary reforms to be competitive. How and why does Illinois lag behind? On this edition of Illinois Rising, Dan Proft is joined by Hillsdale Journalism Instructor Scot Bertram, a former Illinoisan and current Michigander, to talk about the differences between said two states, and how Illinois is falling behind. Proft and Bertram also discuss the taxpayer boondoggle that is the Obama Center, with commentary from Wirepoints Executive Editor Mark Glennon. And they discuss the widespread issue of pension spiking in Illinois, as well as Chicago's new potential regulations on Uber and Lyft.








Which Are You Willing To Give Up To Stay In IL: Your Job, Your Pension, Or Your Home?

One (or more) will be taken from you without a change in political leadership and policy choices. Mark it down. So which one will it be? Where’s the policy alternative from IL Leaders? Dan and Amy discuss the latest property tax destruction update in Lake County.

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200 Billion More In Tariffs

Free traders are criticizing Trump’s tariffs on China, but what’s the alternative to China’s bad behavior? Is Kudlow still going to defend Trump’s protectionist policies? If the economy tanks, then is it going to make it even harder for people to execute their exit strategies out of Illinois? Chief Economist for CNN, Steve Moore joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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$21 Bil Needed To Maintain IL Infrastructure

Politicians love “infrastructure spending.” Have we kept building and building in hopes of creating more wealth but left ourselves with more liabilities? Is this problem with maintaining the state’s infrastructure accelerating even more with Illinois’ population loss? Founder of StrongTowns.org, Chuck Marohn joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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It Was My Understanding There Would Be No Math

Chicago’s greatest thought leaders have a new idea on how to fund pensions- raise property taxes! Where does the money in a state with the highest state and local tax burden go? Make sure you have the courtesy to tell your new neighbors when you leave Illinois the cautionary tale before the contagion spreads. Dan and Amy discuss the spiraling debt and lack of good governance in Illinois.

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Shrinking Party In A Shrinking State

How did GOP candidate for governor, Jeanne Ives, go from trailing 40 points behind Rauner in January to narrowly losing in the Primary less than three months later? Can Rauner look himself in the mirror and be proud of the campaign he ran? What is it going to take to rehabilitate the Republican Party brand in Illinois? State Rep. Jeanne Ives joins Dan and Amy to discuss the primary results and what’s next for the conservative grassroots movement.

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Illinois Families Relocating North Of The Border

Twin brothers, Dan and Andy Migacz, started from mowing lawns during their summer breaks to opening their own successful, landscaping company, A.M. Woodland Outdoor Design in Mundelein. Although business is going well, one of the brothers decided to move his family to Wisconsin to escape the 22nd highest property taxes in the nation in Lake County. Dan and Amy are broadcasting live from A.M. Woodland Outdoor Design to discuss their business and other topics with the Migacz brothers.

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Reset The Spending Culture In Springfield

Rauner is set to give his budget address next week despite the fact that Illinois hasn’t had a balanced budget since 2001 and he hasn't proposed one in his three years in office. What should be laid out in the budget preview in order to give Illinois families a sense of certainty? Should we be expecting a phasing out of the 32% income tax hike? Marketing manager at the Illinois Policy Institute, Eric Kohn joins Dan and Amy to discuss their spending plan for the state.

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