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Re-Thinking "Fairness" With Stephen Moore

Illinois is in a financial crisis similar to that of Puerto Rico. Yet, 70%  of Chicago City Workers take home over $100K annually in salary and benefits. When and how is it going to end? Why would Republican Congressmen ever vote to bailout Illinois? On tax-policy, where does Trump's tax reform plan stand in the House?  Wall Street Journal Columnist and CNN contributor Stephen Moore joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Illinois' Financial Grade: F

Why is Illinois' financial grade an F? Are the bond agencies taking too rosy a view of our finances? How does Illinois have $200 billion in debt with a balanced budget requirement in the Constitution? What does this mean for the 2018 gubernatorial election? Sheila Weinberg, Founder & CEO of Truth in Accounting, offers the facts on Illinois' finances to Dan and Kristen McQueary, Chicago Tribune editorial board member, who sits in for Amy Jacobson.


Dissecting The Proposed State Budget

On this edition of Illinois Rising, Dan Proft is joined by Pat Hughes, co-founder, Illinois Opportunity Project. They discuss how the proposed state budget is unfolding in Springfield, why more and more taxpayers continue to leave Illinois and more.

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Truth in Accounting’s Look at Illinois Financial Picture: Every Taxpayer Owes $45k On State Debt

TIA Founder Sheila Weinberg joined Dan & Amy this morning with an updated look at Illinois' finances: More than $200B in debt and less than $26B in assets.

How does this compare with our neighbor to the east? How does this compare with another mismanaged state w/ a hostile business climate named New York?

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