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Another Tax Hike

In the last days of Legislative Session, Illinois Senate Democrats ended all budget negotiations. They just went ahead and passed a five billion-dollar tax increase on Illinois’ families and businesses with marginal reforms and no spending cuts. Pat Hughes breaks down their bad math and bad policies in this week's Two Minute Warning.


“Republican" Minority Leader Radogno Looking Out For Herself Not You

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This is Pat Hughes with this week’s Upstream Ideas ‘Two-Minute Warning.’ Do you remember the story of the wolf in sheep’s clothing? How about the fox in the hen house? If so, you’re already well acquainted with quote un quote “Republican” Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno. Radgono’s been in office for 20 years. She accepts a generous salary, as well as a lavish pension and benefits funded by you. And what have you gotten in return? Decline and mismanagement. Her career has been a testament to “doing something” instead of doing the right thing; laying down in the face of opposition, instead of standing on principle. Radogno should be working with the Governor to push the reforms that will set Illinois on a path to progress. Instead, she’s pushing the Democrats’ agenda---in the form of a legislative “grand bargain” complete with huge tax increases and fake reforms. I mean, she’s already entertained a tax on soda---and not because she cares about your health---and something called---I kid you not---a “business opportunity tax”…which will do nothing other than give businesses the opportunity to flee to Wisconsin or Indiana. So why has she done this? The answer: Because she never has been and is not now a free market conservative. Because she likes to see her picture in the newspapers. Because she would rather sit at the Big Kids’ table---appeasing John Cullerton and Mike Madigan---than fight to freeze your property taxes or reform our failed and costly workers compensation system. Because---ultimately---she cares about her life more than she cares about yours. That’s why she’s more than willing to negotiate away all that you’ve worked for---so that public sector unions and the trial lawyers---and the politicians in their pockets---can live large. That’s why---with a straight and stern face---she calls her sell out “a compromise” or “bipartisanship.” No wonder the caucus she leads is in the superminority. And it will stay that way---unless we can rid it of Christine Rodogno. You’ve been warned.

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